Top 5 Books to Read on Independence Day

Don’t we already love Independent India? But you will love it more once you know about the struggles that great Indian leaders had to go through to restore the golden bird that India was once known as.

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

How wonderful is a book in which the protagonist is born on the same day India declared its independence? This book beautifully progresses as the protagonists grow up. Rushdie’s brilliance and his tricky way of interlinking a nation’s journey with the lead, is going to hook you till the very end.  All those who are looking to be fascinated by a family saga, this one’s for you!

The legacy of Nehru by Natwar Singh

A book by Natwar Singh, will never fail to amaze you. Don’t trust us? Take a queue and read on.  Nehru’s life has been unique in every sense, be it personal or professional. He was always ‘hot property’ for the media (national and International). This book takes you on his journey from the pre-independence era, to the birth of the Non-Alignment Movement, to the 1962 Sino-Indian war. This book shows how his righteousness made up for the most sought after – Nehruvian – legacy. Those who love a political thriller with a pinch of history – this one’s a must-read.

Pinjar by Amrita Pritam

Those who argue the existence of Punjabi literature, Amrita Pritam had other plans in place. The fiery novelist challenged societal shackles and Pinjar talks about just that.  From complex human relationships to how such complexities increased during Partition. Puro, the protagonist, finds herself torn between two quarrelling communities. All those who wish to know about the plight of women during partition, this novel is the one for you.

The Maharaja and the Princely States of India by Sharada Dwivedi

Have you always been intrigued by royalty? Does their confusing position during the pre-independence era amuse you? If so, this will be a treat to you.  This is an interesting text that would surely transport you to the ancestral lineage of Maharajas and Nawabs.

Staying On by Paul Scott

A unique and an engrossing tale of two individuals who profess their love for India, in the best possible way. This novel talks about what a British Colonel and his wife go through, when they decide to remain in India even after partition.  Their dilemma between their country and the land that became their home, takes you on an emotionally moving yet entertaining journey.


Devote this Independence Day not to be in someone’s good books, but to read a good book!


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