Top 5 Magazines: Men Swear By Worldwide

Talking about the physically stronger sex of the world, The men doesn’t rely much on the printed content but when they do, for say for a specific interest they don’t leave a stone unturned. You must be aware of the madness men have if they want to know about something in particular and we are not at all trying to drag you to a point where we make you believe that doing this is wrong or inappropriate. Instead, we are giving you solid reasons to choose a method wisely which is worth your trust and time. And if you are doubtful of how you would start your journey of exploring the world without being clustered under a pile of printed content. Then we have got a nice deal for your brains. Magzter brings forth the never seen before style of putting thoughts in one’s brains. India’s leading online magazine portal is known for the content and reliability.

The list of 5 magazines is just the starter pack for you to begin with! Get a hand on these and see the difference yourself!

  1. GQ India

    GQ India covers all the basics for the men who have varied interests and likes to experiment with their choices. So just like the ordinary men who make the ordinary, extraordinary you want to not just look sharp and smart but feel the same too? Then you should give a touchdown to GQ India, picking up the latest and the hottest news from around the world. GQ India has the flavor of local as well as International continents and this gives the magazine a loyal fan base.

  2. Autocar India

    You haven’t seen much if you haven’t geared up for some real action and Autocar India is the way to provide yourself the real taste of manhood. Give your passion the right direction with Autocar India. Get the latest news from the world of cars and flaunt in front of your friends and colleagues. If you are a regular reader of Autocar India, you won’t miss a beat on the new releases and would be the first to know all the updates.

  3. FHM India

    FHM India
    is India’s most read and preferred Men’s Magazine and all credits go to its editorials which covers all plausible issues for a man of today. The one magazine that can keep you on the edge from your peers is hands down – FHM India. You want to know about Gadgets, Nightlife, Cars, Sports, Food, Alcohol, Cinema, Personal grooming tips? FHM India is just the right thing for you!
  4. Outlook Traveller

    Outlook Traveller is the kind of read that will keep you engaged all the time and for good! If you have the lust of being a wanderer Outlook Traveller brings a lot of savories for your taste and indulge. Entertaining and informational, both at the same time, Outlook Traveller will daunt you to step out of your home and become the one you always wanted to. Filled with the best tips and tricks which will make your traveling as easy as a fresh breeze!

  5. Digit

    The special editions such as Digit is the need of the hour for all the men who are tech-savvy. All the latest trends and technology will be updated in every issue of Digit. The techies would have a feast for their eyes and brain with every article Digit has on its cover. Get to know about the insides of the tech world with the help of Digit and boast amongst your friends the newly gained knowledge. Not only this,  Digit promises you to make your purchases smart and reasonable. Don’t let the big technical issues haunt you in your nightmare when you have Digit by your side.

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