Top 7 Best Magazines for the Conversation Starters

How about the last time you were made a part of the social gathering and you feared your first words coming out? The time you were amidst the crowd and wanted all the eyeballs fixed right on you but failed miserably? If these are your worst nightmare we’ve got something for you! Presenting the easy guide to start a conversation and surpass your biggest challenge with “Top 7 Magazines for the Conversation Starters”. Make the deal your own with the annual subscription of Magzter.            

Here is the list of Top 7 Magazines for you start the conversations at any of your life’s main event. Yes, anything you wish to talk about, Magzter has got you covered-


Blended Media Solutions Private Limited runs an automotive content vertical popularly known as Motorscribers for all the die-hard fans of cars and bikes. The fun just gets to the peak with all the information available at one single space regarding the cars and bikes. Apart from the suo – moto of the company to get the users informed about the know-how of the automotive sector, they also focus on the entertaining part of it.



Gone are the days when parents used to decide what their offsprings would do with their future. They used to impose their decisions on their kids with respect to career options. However, with the help of Brainwave, you can let your child discover his interests on his own. He/She can indulge themselves in stories, entertaining activities, games, contests, comics, etc and discover new horizons about science and technology.


Get your thumbs up for every edition of Sportstar which instills new energy and passion for the age-old games. Sportstar is like a new wave of zest for all the people who have all the respect and love for sports. Here you will get everything from fun facts to the history of your favorite sports. Just the right thing for game enthusiasts. So, now you will not only get to see the game but get to read it as well.

Conde Nast

The best way to get your vacations’ plans sorted is through Conde Nast Traveller. You will find everything from the list of best places to set your vacation plans to the right adventurous spots in your city. Pack your bags and set out for a fun ride and don’t you fret as Conde Nast Traveller has got you covered.

Steel 360

Steel 360 is a comprehensive study of the mining and metal industry. Its informative articles and in-depth coverage on the topic is the reason behind its huge readership. People prefer to read Steal 360 owing to its tight grip on trending topics, great market research, and issues on the latest technology.


The Caravan

From the stories of the people around the world weaved into the perfect storytelling mode, The Caravan is the outcome of years of research and struggle. The stories and indeed curated with a little drama and fun elements to keep the readers engaged but is committed to keep the readers informed and always on the top.


One of the leading magazines that concerns all the major aspects of the users from social, economic, financial to technology. You will find the well-researched analysis of all the hyped issues here in Inclusion. Every edition of Inclusion tries to put in perspective the most thought over questions and ideas which in turn help the users in their decision making.  


Your search comes to an end with Magzter. Being one of the leading digital magazine stands, it allows you stay updated with the most trending and latest information in the world. Magzter proudly boasts of the myriad inventory of over 10,000 magazines including national and international magazines. Magzter is truly handy and can be easily used at any of the devices which support Android, Windows, and iOS. All of this package can be yours at the annual subscription of INR 999 only. Wait, we’ve got more for you! If you happen to go through GoPaisa, one of India’s largest cashback and coupon industry you can save the entire amount and get it back in your account as cashback. Have a great experience!

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