From Delhi To Your Playlist: Five Indie Artists you should have.

Today, mainstream music has become somewhat not so entertaining and we as the youth, we are seeking a gateway from that boring same old tracks and their patterns. As Independent music waves have taken the world by storm, our country is not one to be left behind. There are various artists, who are coming out of big labels and producing music on their own. They are even winning recognition worldwide. And I am so sure that you seek good music too. So, worry not! I have got the list of artists from the heart of the country, our very own Delhi to rock your playlist and entertain you.  



The first name that comes to my mind when I talk about the independent music scene in Delhi is Prabh Deep. A Delhi based rapper, coming out of gullies of Tilak Nagar with strong lyrics and serious issues discussed on beats. Youth getting addicted to drugs, problems occurring on streets of Delhi has been the focus in his lyrics. He has a much raw approach towards music as he talks about the common man’s problems. He delivers powerful rapping beats with enthralling scores which will leave you amazed once you hear his tracks through your earphones. His latest album; Class Sikh is a masterpiece of Indian rap scene. You can check his songs out here. His songs are a must-to-add in your playlist when the country is embracing its Hip-Hop waves with powerhouse rappers like Divine, Naezy.



A minimal approach to tunes, distinctive voice and great lyrics that soothes your core. Yes! Prateek Kuhad gives us all of that in his songs. Hailing from Delhi, he has been charming Indians and audiences across the world. His lyrics are nothing like those cliched Bollywood romantic songs, they have depth and emotions, which speaks to your soul. He won European Music Awards 2017 in the category of Best Indian Act, leaving behind names like Anushka Shankar and Uday Benegal. Guess, that achievement speaks for his music and its gravity. His Album In Tokens & Charms had singles like Tum Jab, which was a masterpiece. So, if you want to lose yourself in Good romantic music, then go on and download all of them in your phone and you can check out his latest numbers here.



Progressive rock to progressive electronic music, this man, Abhishek Bhatia AKA Curtain Blue has done it all. From being Vocalist in a Delhi based rock band called “The Circus” to coming out with his own electronic music project called “Curtain Blue” he has gained a lot of applauds. His music sounds like Indian Radiohead with the right mixture of high and low tempos and the perfect loops to move your body in a flow. His songs cover social issues like misogyny and gender issues as well. A Producer whose creation speaks his own thoughts and indulges you in it.  Whenever a party anthem is needed, just put his songs on and feel the good vibe.


Have you ever sat with a glass full of whiskey and just wished for some good jazz music that would make your moment rad? I do have one such independent artist on my mind and that is Sanjeeta Bhattacharya. A Delhi based musician who has the talent to mix jazz and Indian Classical and create awesome tracks. She finished her graduation from Berklee College Of Music, which has produced some great musicians around the world. In coming days, she might turn out to be one. Her songs are beautifully composed with high notes and soothing flow. So, what are you waiting for? Be the Indie lover and download her tracks and I am sure that she will make you want to sit back and relax.


Who does not love folk music? It has melody, it has untold stories hidden between the layers and of course the soothing flavor to it. And that’s what Pragnya brings with her music. Born in Kashmir but Delhi based Indie Folk singer, whose songs have stories from Kashmir and her struggling days. She has recently come out with an Album called ”Kahwa Speaks”. Don’t miss a chance and listen to her, here.


Hope that these Indie artists would make your playlist and moments cherishable too. After all, music is the only escape you have in your life. Let it be worthwhile.


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