Introduction to the Real World

The very title of this blog would have brought a lot of concerns in your mind and you must be wondering which world are we talking about? The answer is simpler said than done. Time and again we find ourselves in the middle of the trap with more and more gadgets surrounding us. undoubtedly, they make our lives a lot easier but somehow we have become used to their presence and it has become very difficult to even imagine your life without these gadgets. The list is never- ending, although you can start counting on your mobile phone, music player, headphones. Earphones, watches, television sets, and what not.

Though it is absolutely fine to use them as and when required but being addicted to them is truly harmful and can come with consequences. The concern doesn’t end here, when you see your little ones going through the same phase, it compels you to dig a little deeper. With the onset of technology, kids have forgotten the real way of having fun and enjoying their school days. They are so engrossed in the virtual world that cartoons, video games, and smartphones have become their only allies. They are completely oblivious to the real games their parents grew up playing.

So here is the initiative we urge you to take while you are hustle with your little ones in order to keep them busy and healthy.

Treat your kids with Marbles

Remember a game as classic as marbles and how much fun it used to be to play with all those colourful marbles? They are absolute fun with no maintenance whatsoever. All you need to do is to bring a bunch of marbles and hand it over to your kids and let them remind of-of those good old days. These are best suited for the kids between the age group of 5 to 11 years.


Beat the heat

Swimming I guess is one of the most loved outdoor activities for kids especially during the scorching heat of summer vacations. The cool splashes of water are sure going to keep your toddlers away from the harmful rays of electronic gadgets. Although there is no such age limit when it comes to swimming. However, it is advisable to practice swimming under a trainer or an elderly.


All about the kicks and Goals

Bring a bunch of kids together and hand them a ball. We bet they are going to create a ruckus. But then, this is what kids are for! Pro-tip: Give them a huge ground and make sure you keep all the things made of glass at a far end. Jokes apart, Football is a great sport if you wish to keep your kids active and healthy. Also, it will make your kid learn a great stuff about team spirit.


Classic Rules

No matter if your kid has interest in any other sport or not. Cricket is something that will keep him engaged all day long! Especially your boys will have real-time fun when handed with bats and balls. Don’t forget to cheer them on the field with colourful pom poms!


Around the World     

Irrespective of the age, cycling is an all-time favourite sport for kids of all time. Having control of their cycle handles and riding alongside with their friends provide them with the great joys in life. Exploring the unexplored on two wheels is nothing but pure happiness for your kids. And in case you wish to bring back your childhood, don’t hesitate to get on the wheels yourself.

We hope this treated you well and was beneficial in terms of keeping your kids away from the digital screens. For more interesting and useful blogs, stay tuned with GoPaisa.

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