Laugh Away!!

After a day’s hard work, literal fights in the metro for seats and witnessing dripping bank accounts every day and the rising temperature, all we need is humour to uplift our moods.

And mind you the humour about we are talking here is deep. So to rescue yourselves from the boredom we have got a list of some comedy shows happening in Delhi NCR to make you upbeat!


This one is by Sorabh Pant. Like us, his frustration levels have reached the sky, and to channel that frustration he has opted the stage as a medium for it. He will rant and make you laugh at everything, be it feminism or over rated love. You can find him ranting on 23rd of June V Club Gurgaon at 9 P.M.

Stand Up Comedy show feat. Abhijit Ganguly and Gaurav Gupta

Believe it or not Punchliners travelled the length and breadth of the country to provide us with a show of jaw arches and laughter. From Modi bashing to Angela Merkel’s hilarious handshake, everything would be drunk and laughed on. Isn’t this the best way to show ourselves some love! You can laugh along with them on June 13, Gardens Galleria, Noida

Circus Presents Amit Tandon

Do you need laughter medicine? Then he is the stand-up comedian you need to listen. He has the ability to turn everything to a slick sense of humour. The cherry on top is the opening by much loved Pratyush Chaubey, Vijay Yadav. Amit Tandon will host the last baton of this show and will make sure we laugh our hearts out. With his youtube channel garnering more than a million views we do know that he doesn’t need much of description. To meet these 3 musketeers, make sure you reach Circus at 7.30 on 2nd July

Sumit Anand Completely Live

Sumit Anand has been doing stand- up comedy shows since the past 4 years and he has performed in quite a number of countries like London,Melbourne, Singapore and India. He has found likes in all of these amazing cities and is again bringing a night full of nonsensical jokes. To get enthralled by him you can go to Canvas Laugh Club at the People & Co. on 10th   June, Saturday starting 9:30 p.m.

Best in Stand-up with Nitin Gupta, Abijit Ganguly and Amogh Ranadive

Looking to laugh your pains away coming weekend then this is the stand-up you must attend, these 3 gems of comic scene will make you laugh till your breath and why not, after all they’ll make you laugh on your life and the thought of complexities.  Canvas Laugh Club at the People & Co. from 16th to 18th June is the place you need to be for a well- deserved  laughter medicine.

Do come to set the evening of laughter and whoop away your worries!!
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