Movies that we shall always love( with a Capital L).


If there is one thing that is common to the Gen Y it is perhaps the fact that they cannot be stereotyped in a mould. This generation celebrates individuality and that imparts it the spark that is out there for everyone to see. However, there are some bollywood movies that have managed to strike a chord with almost every youngster. Let me take you through four such movies that have garnered a cult status among the youth.
Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Without doubt, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge tops the charts. It is one of those movies that have been loved by one and all. The young audiences cannot stop drooling over the charming Raj and the innocent Simran. A love story that defines romance for many and classic dialogues that are hit among the youth, DDLJ is beyond everything. It comes as little surprise that even Barack Obama could not resist himself from quoting a dialogue from the movie in the recently concluded visit to India. Want to re=live the magic? I advise grab a ticket to Mumbai and head straight to the Maratha Mandir theatre where it is running ever since its release.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

The SRK-Kajol magic resurfaced again in this classic movie that is a hit among the youth. It created a rage then through its fashion statements, dance moves, the small cameo by Salmaan and it does till date. Well, it popularized the notion that “love is friendship” which many youngsters believe in.

Jab We Met 

“Bachpan se hi mujhe shaadi karne ka bada craze hai by God”, did this dialogue ring a bell? How could it not? I am sure you are smiling thinking about the bubbly Geet (aka Kareena Kapoor) and the ever-so-charming Shahid Kapoor. Jab We met undoubtedly is one of the best movies that capture the true essence of romance in all its practicality. Our hearts go out to the couple on-screen and we embark on a fun ride. Watch it 1300 times and it will still feel the same.


The most recent movie to join the group is perhaps Queen. The movie changed notions of love and marriage for the young people. Through its brilliant acting and an exceptional script, it keeps you glued to your seats. The music, the story line and the brilliant locations all lead to the massive success of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen. This movie, in a few years time, will definitely find a place among Bollywood classics.

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