Top 5 English Classics

Don’t we wish to live in old Hollywood era? Don’t we wish to dress as if we are in that era? We do, right? And this is why today we have compiled a list of five old Hollywood classics that is bound to mesmerize you!

Wizard of Oz

We talk about Hollywood and we don’t talk about this movie, that can’t happen. This is one of the best cinematic fantasies made until now. This movie is such that it caters to adults and children both, but at totally different levels. Creative cinematography, set design along with an amazing blend of terror, comedy and surrealism makes this piece of art a must watch.  


Casablanca, I feel is America’s most loved movie until now. Apart from being loved, this movie also stands to be the most written American movie until now. This movie apart from being romantic to the core excels in rekindling war excitement but can’t be regarded as mushy in any way. Subtle progress of this movie with exotic locales of Casablanca, make this movie a must watch.  Michael Curtiz, a finely able director, portrayed tragedy yet heroism at same point beautifully and captivated spectator’s attention. All those who love a little mystery, must watch this movie!

It Happened One Night

Feeling a little mushy? This movie is the apt pastime in your bae-cation!! Also, are you someone who makes fun of the filthy rich and their antics? If you are then this is your Jam. Frank Capra makes fun of the rich in the most humorous way possible and the way that suits the sensibilities of a middle class, like always. With this one winning five Oscars and the Academy Award for the Best Movie, it is bound to become your favourite. Capra brilliantly expresses social issues through his movies, with him showing how a Man is “controller” of the relationship.  His techniques of camera movement and expressing American ideals flawlessly stand to be looked upon even now by many.  Delightfully handsome Clarke Gable and pretty as ever Claudette Colbert’s efforts can be seen right through the spectator.  We know, you are dialing your bae!!!


Are you a lover of Gothic horror? If yes, you are, you have to watch the greatest Gothic horror flick ever produced.  Boris Karloff delivers one of the best performances produces till yet, despite of him remaining mute and laden with heavy costumes and make-up. He expresses his monstery attitude with a sadness attached to him, which will force you to empathise with him. Ironic, right? Well, that’s the beauty of this masterpiece. Frankenstein is not only considered as a classic of the horror genre, but within entire motion picture history. With James Whale’s staggering direction and spine-chilling plot, this movie certainly is the best!

Gone With the Wind

Pre-depression Era intertwined with war anxieties, this is what this movie portrays. And it does in an ethereal way!  This film exhibits marvelous performances by its lead actors: Vivein Leigh, Clark Gable, Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland.  With Victor Flemming’s intricate direction this movie has every right to be on this list.  With this one quite a number of accolades be it Academy or Oscar, this one is even now many’s first preference to start their movie marathon with!


We know your rumpled bed has already been set, a glass of soda and popcorn tub are waiting for you to start hogging on them. And your laptop shining with such classic movies!

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