Top 5 Hindi Classics

We are fanatics. No, we’re not talking about cultural fanaticism. We’re the good people. We are – movie fanatics!! Weekends in this humid monsoon can be a little too much to handle. And to rile away time, the best possible way is to binge watch classics. Still procrastinating where to start your movie-thon from? Take your pick from our list! Whatsay!!!


Hindi cinema is incomplete without this magnumopus. This classic truly has stood the test of the time and has shown that marvels are made seldom. A thorough showcase of the grandeur and opulence of the mighty Mughals, it has won all our hearts. Historically we’re still unsure about the authenticity of the entire the Anarkali-Salim saga, but we do know that K. Asif’s direction has created a benchmark that many look up to even now. With staggering performances from Dilip Kumar, Madhubala, and Prithviraj Kapoor, this film has portrayed the art in one of the best ways till today.

Chupke Chupke

Who doesn’t want to have their Sunday brunch with a light-hearted comedy? We do, right. The perfect comic flick that is bound to amuse a 100-yr-old as much as a 12-yr-old. Hrishikesh Mukerjee is credited with directing one of the best comedies, Indian cinema has ever produced.  It revolves around a practical joke executed by a professor (Parimal Tripathi) on his wives’ brother and sister In-law. Like every Mukherjee-made classic, this too has a simple story, but it’s the performances that make up the backbone of this movie. Languid story-telling and melodious music makes this movie a delectable one.


Black and white screen, Nargis and Raj Kapoor, romance and a courtroom drama, this is what you need to make a great movie. And top it off by the deep on-screen chemistry between them and the ethereal music given by Shankar – Jaikishan. The product is what we call – Awaara. With creative camerawork, showing us what a character is going through, allows us to establish a deep connect with the film.  With commendable lighting effects, one can feel immersed into it. All those yearning for a great watch, can definitely give this one a try.

Mother India

India’s first official entrant to the prestigious Academy Awards, only to lose by a solitary vote, it redefined feminism of that era. The film’s lead Nargis, played an allegory to Mother Earth and did it with finesse, class and elegance. And even now her performance is considered one of the finest. The plot-line mixes raw emotion with cinematic detailing.  With Mehboob Khan’s captivating direction and Naushad’s soulful music, there is literally nothing this flick lacks.

Kagaaz Ke Phool

One of the best examples of a film pot-stopping economically due to an unhappy ending. After all, we’re kind of obsessed with happy endings, aren’t we?  Kagaaz Ke Phool showcases the amalgamation of commercial and realistic movies. It holds a special place in Indian cinema due to the protagonists’ deep embodiment of a tragedy. Films of those days, had simpler characters and even simpler storylines. And not to forget the music and dance – these elements were absent and hence the box-office results. With spine chilling performances from Waheeda Rahman and Guru Dutt, it earns every right to be on this list.

A large tub of popcorn, some tissues and your BFF!! Go for it folks!


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