5 Simple Fashion Hacks That Will Make You Look Slim Without Losing Any Weight

For those who are either doing an exhausting work-out or are consuming diet food to maintain their physique, can push the bar further by opting for the mentioned fashion tricks. These can easily conceal certain chubby areas and disguise them into making you look slimmer. This will also enable you to loosen the strictness you have upon yourself, for a well- maintained physique.


The most crucial part is the fabric. If you opt for slim-fit clothes made from lycra or any other stretchable fabric which sticks to your skin, then it is bound to highlight the curvy edges of your body making you look fat. So, you should buy cotton silk clothes or any other similar fabric cloth that, unlike stretchable fabric, is loose, comfortable and non-sticking.


The next thing is choosing the right color. Black is one such color that everyone considers when deciding on the shade which would make them look slim; it is, however, true but this doesn’t mean that one should always decide his/her shopping over black clothes, No! You can buy your favorite colors too, but you’d have to opt for the darker versions of them to look slim. On the contrary, bright colors attract a lot of eyes, not just on you but also on your body’s fatty areas and sometimes they make you appear rather wide than you normally are.



Patterns matter too, if you wear a horizontal ( — ) patterned top then it will make you look over-sized, but if you wear a vertical ( | ) patterned top then it will make you look slim as well as tall. Also, you shouldn’t go for thick stripes but choose regular sized ones -the former will probably highlight your belly.


Those who sport fancy designs on their tops should consider small prints rather than the big ones, because they add to a person’s waist, making your belly look bigger than it already is.




Now, this is kind of an option that a lot of people can go for or just ignore but if you want to wear what you desire even if it feels tight to your overgrown belly, then you can cover up the excess fat under this elasticized belt thing, that hides your fat under it and makes you look far slimmer than those above-mentioned fashion hacks.


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