Essential Beard Care Products

As we are all well aware of the fact that today’s youth runs beside trend. With beard being a style statement these days, a majority of men followed it and started sporting the facial hair, aiming to look somewhat manlier.

Beard grows for itself but taking care of it while it grows is an important job. Men wouldn’t want their beard to grow unmaintained making them look shabby. So, to make it look elegant and clean, what should one keep in his ‘beard’ kit?


For the purpose of trimming the shabby looking facial hair into a good, clean, attractive beard and moustache, one should keep a pair of scissors as a mandatory equipment in his ‘beard’ kit.


For the purpose of untangling your beard and to measure the long hair to be cut cleanly by the scissors, Comb becomes an essential part of your kit. You can choose wide tooth or rat tail comb according to the thickness of your facial hair.


Just like, for the purposes of having silky, smooth head-hair we have shampoo and conditioners, in the same way, for a beard, there is beard wash. Various brands have ventured into the beard-wash market but only some can give a silky, smooth, texture to your dense or light beard.

– Ustraa By Happily Unmarried Woody Beard Wash

– Beardo The Black Velvette Beard Wash

– SHEPHERD Daily Cleansing Beard Wash – Ambition

– Man Arden Beard Wash (Shampoo) & Conditioner – The Maverick – With Avocado and Almond Oil


To give your beard the shine that it deserves and the nourishment it needs, beard oil is a necessity for your ‘beard’ kit. It also helps in making them grow much denser and holds the colour or the youth of your beard. Few must-try Beard Oils are-

– Beardo Beard Growth Hair Oil

– The Man Company Beard Oil- Argan & Geranium Hair Oil

– Wolf Rejuvenating Beard Growth Oil Hair Oil

– BEARDHOOD Cafe Valentino Hair Oil


Beard Balm and Beard Oil are the same; the only difference is that the latter is thicker in consistency and can give your beard a hold, not a long one but an it-will-work one. I would suggest the following ones-

– Beardo Beard Balm- Makes Your Mane Soft & Non-Itchy and Hair Styler

– Daarimooch Bloomy Sense Beard Balm Hair Styler

– The Real Man Beard Balm

– Man Arden Beard & Mustache Balm – The Pacific Prince (Shine & Moisturizing)



It will hold your beard & moustache in whichever way you like, be it: Imperial, Van Dyke, Bandholz etc. It will stay the way you want it for a longer time than a balm could hold. Below mentioned are some of the famous waxes-

– Brahma Bull Moustache & Beard Wax Hair Styler

– hti Moustache & Beard Styling Wax Hair Styler

– MG5 HAIR WAX For Beard & Mustache Hair Styler

– Beardraja Beard & Moustache Wax Hair Styler


Beard comb can be used after showering just so to speed up the drying process. Beard Brush is used to profoundly apply the grooming products on the beard. You can decide for yourself what kind of brush that you might be comfortable with, depending on the beard you fancy.

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