Go easy this Summer

After the long winter chills finally, the warm stroke of the sun seems a blessing, who wouldn’t like that and the idea of jumping into your favorite summer hat while you hit the beach.

After long months of mostly dark intense shades finally, you get to wear the lighter colorful tones. Summer is really a morale booster for fashionistas and there is so much to do.

Pro-tip: Go for lighter collection this summer. Cool colors not only give an amazing breezy look to the entire vicinity but make you feel comfortable and relieved as well.
Pair up the cool crop tees with joggers or boyfriend jeans or even tanned shorts. Or keep your flares twirling with a cotton, bright and floral one-pieces.The lighter shades seem much attractive and vibrant and even feels light and comfortable on the body. Let us also remind you that walking around in the summer sun is not an easy task to do.

To save you from the horror, we are sharing with you a number of styles that you can carry out this summer.

Starting off with the cool summer cotton tees paired with rugged denim shorts.
The capes and shrugs do great in this weather. You can style your favorite dresses with those cool looking capes and funky shrugs paired with Slide-on, gladiators or normal chappals as well.
Go-cool and go-colorful this summer.
The stoles and hats are some of the key accessories that add up to the style quotient.
The great Boho jewelry is in fashion and can be teamed up with casual One pieces or jumpsuits for a much ready to go and cool look.

When talking about the summer fashion; comfort is the key element to be kept in mind, as it is almost unbearable to bear the hot weather. So we must opt for looks that are much cooler and comfortable on the body rather carrying heavy and overdressed looks. The long cotton lighter shirt dresses or t-shirt dresses are in great fashion. People carry them out with a cool pair of sneakers for an ultimate summer look.

Olive is surely the color of this season. Olive has really immersed in the most liked color nowadays. Whether it be a dress or normal crop tee, olive suits in every form. White and turquoise look great as well.
The printed white and off-white have always been the colors of summer. Peach, light yellow, lighter shades of pink looks great during the day. Black, dark shades of red and blue can be refrained for some time.

The daisy and floral prints have always been into fashion when discussing the summer fashion collection. The floral and daisy prints are not only a treat to the eye but seem so elegant and are classy as well. Whether be it a usual day of college or a day of get together floral works almost everywhere.
The colorful flower appliques look great and go with every event, seems fashionable and yet is very easy on the body.
If you are looking for a chic look, the beach embroidery on a tank top paired with strappy sandals is definitely going to be your thing, this season.

Talking about some very prominent colors that can be the perfect add-on to your wardrobe this summer would be a nice pop up of yellow teamed with any much lighter shade of white, or just white and red in combination paired up with denim jeans or shorts. The cool jogger pants and funky lower with sneakers or simply slide-on are a great fashion trend this year.

Following the great fashion divas – Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner or our very own Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor would give a boost to your fashion parade. You can ofcourse have a hint from their dressing sense but making your own style statement is something one always vouch for.  

Now if you are someone with a bulky tummy or are not pretty much comfortable with showing off your tummy, crop isn’t the thing for you but no deal there is a lot more for you as well into the list.
Going for long flared dresses or just keeping it casual with some funky tops and colorful pants. Sneaker dwells well with almost every style these days.
As it is also about the heated summer and people fear to get tanned, in that case you can always trust the magic of happening sunglasses and vibrant scarfs. Also, Stoles go well with the any casual dress and thus can be used for covering the face or just for the hanging-around-the-neck purpose. Same goes with the hats and caps as well, they protect our face and hair well from the hot summer rays and radiations.
So, go light and easy this summer with your favorite looks.


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