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PerfumeBooth is selling a brand. Perfumes are signatures, it tells a story of invisible luxury. But perfumes are now a definite necessity. The dynamism stored in the essence gives a soothing pleasure and relaxes the mind like an ayurvedic treatment. The ingredients used in the perfume like Amber and vetiver have medicated values. It can relax your nerves, fight hypertension and headache. The high quality perfumes are not denoted by the design of the bottle but the long lasting cooling effect of the fragrance. Great discounts and vouchers could be redeemed from this online perfume store. A collection of international elegance, English sophistication and delicate desires in a bottle of powerful perfume is another name of PerfumeBooth.

If you are willing to invest money to buy a branded international fragrance in a cost that is highly suited to limited body sprays then, here is your destination. You won’t get better perfumes in a cheaper price than this store. All the perfumes comes with brands of endless names  like Emper, Lomani, Chris Adams, Maryaj, Louis Cardin and many more. It is highly motivated with floral fruity flavors that that comes in a fun fragrance box named Perfume Selfie. International variants of specially crafted perfumes designed separately for men and women are clubbed together in a series of seven variants that is further added with a carry case, some tipping guide and a mini Rs501 voucher to be redeemed on the purchase of a 100ml bottle. The company is giving you a trail series plus a futuristic colourful collection.

The women’s section is named lurve, teaze and Sophistique and it comes with a passionate spring touch. While the men’s section is named Cazanova, Mazculine, and wyld and it has a strong dusky and charming smelling essence, perfectly manufactured for all the Indian men’s.

Here are the lists of fragrance you will avail from the great tester series of Perfume Selfie, each having 4ml testers giving a total of 28ml in a whole.

  • The Sophistique Selfie mainly delivers fruity, floral, feminine smell with some testers having woody and musky notes for customers to try and choose from. Even in summers the perfumes last for six to seven hrs, even if you sweat the shower out of your cloths, which is again great. Urban Woman, Lomani White, Creation Jasmine, beyond beauty, LarcPremio, Compassion, Dreamz Woman is the popular fragrance in the box.
  • Perfume Selfie Teaze Women comes in a double layered packing Perfume Selfie Teaze Women comes in a double layered packing, Fasio, CA Classic Woman, Active Woman, Creation Orchid, Creation Gold, Web, Subsense are the fragrance testers you will find inside. The seven secret fragrances are specially designed for outdoor and sensual moments; it’s strong and unique in its own way.

  • The classic taste, with its ancient variants of strong smelling perfumes is the definition of Lurve. Chifon, Lady Presidente, True Reflections ,Lomani Sensual , Creation Pour Femme , Gold are the star products inside.

  • Cazanova perfume Selfie is unique in its own way you get to try different new branded International perfumes each day Emper Legend Brown, Dreamz Man, Dolby, After Dark, English Blazer Black, Illusion, pour home are the products it own.

  • This is from a world of darkness that we bring to you some of the selected magical secret fragrances of international acclaimed range of exotic “Wyld” perfumes for the unstoppable, unbeatable men within you.Urban Man, CA Classic Man, Code Man, Creation Energy, English Blazer Original, Louis Cardin Silver, Union are the fragments of fragrance inside.

  • Fashion fades away but perfume grows its way. ‘Mazculine’ is the one who is fearless and honest at the same time he is a complete man ‘Mazculine’ is the one who is fearless and honest at the same time he is a complete man. Presidente, Active Man, Creation Intense Noir, My Status, London, Credible Homme, Lomani Essential are the testers you will find inside.

Each of these perfumes are popular EDP range of perfumes, the fragrance attract at the first notes, with right application of the product you will get the best overall results and stay more classy and elegant each day. All the perfumes are quality tested so that it don’t damage or irritate the skin it is meant to calm your desires.

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