To All Things Rain, But No Things Vain.

Don’t we all love a refreshing shower of rain? But when this same rain hovers from July to September, it is gruesome. Now that the rain gods have decided to shower us with their never ending blessing, we need to change our racks with a different set of clothes.

These clothes need to have a proper amalgamation of comfort and trend but the biggest dilemma everyone faces during this time is to what to wear and what not to. Don’t you guys worry; we are again here to stop you from creating a fashion fiasco.




Don’t we all love chiselled legs? Yes, we surely do.  And the best time to adorn them is during the sticky monsoons. These 2 ensure that they put your best foot forward fashionably and they don’t literally stick to you during those sticky and humid monsoons.

We absolutely love bright colored ones, right now.

Go add a pop of color in your outfit through them.



  • Shoo your heels away:

We know heels are our first love; they are pristine to each one of us. We are no Carrie Bradshaw but trust us nothing is more depressing than seeing your heels ruined. And this is the very reason that we feel  sandals or flip flops should be the taste of  this season.

Crocs and studded sandals will certainly make your way a way to be remembered!



  • Dresses to the way:


We all love dresses, either days or nights and leave no chance of dolling ourselves up. Monsoons give us a great chance to wear our dresses rather than shying away in the closets.  But remember these dresses should be “Marilyn Proof”. These are the dresses that are not subject to a lot of height during the winds since monsoon is a windy season too.


  • No shrugging the shrugs:

  • We know, It is no winter but it does become a little chilly due to the cold winds and this requires a cover up. So, for this very reason. Let’s shop for a shrug, it should be something that goes with everything either be it western or traditional wear.  

Paisley Printed shrugs are a huge rage nowadays!


  • To the tee:


We love our tank tops they accentuate our figures beautifully. But not every kind of top can be worn during this season. Tees or tops that are cotton in material  is what you need for this weather. We are totally crushing on slogan tees adding just the right amount of color to our outfits.

This rainy season would rain fashion statements from you all rather than raining fashion disappointments.

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