Top 10 Hairstyles For Men, You Must Try This Year

As men’s hairstyles are constantly changing and new trends are appearing every year, the time is here when we check the new best haircuts for men in 2018! So far, barbershops and salons around the world have shown pure skill and creativity to give us the best cuts for their customers. From the freshest buzz cuts and taper fades to smoothly styled longer hairstyles, haircuts have never been this stylish and hot! And the innovation of cool haircuts does not seem to slow down.


These days, hairstyles have become important for anyone as they help you to get the absolute best look and carry the persona that you desire. As the sense of attire of men has evolved, our wish to have the perfect hair has grown. This is the reason we want to help you out with the best hairstyles in trend for this year. No matter what type of hair you have, from the thin top the thickest, with the new year if you’ve been searching for a new long or short men’s haircut, this guide to the best hairstyles for curly, wavy and thick hair is here for you to take inspiration from. We’ve made the list having all the top-notch modern haircut styles you’ll want to try this year.


Short Sides, short on Top Haircut

This amazing hairstyle has been in trend since the end of last year. Nobody has issues keeping it short when the summer hits us. And the fade from the sides makes it stunning.


Quiff + Undercut

This one is my personal favourite as it has the medium hair on the top with the undercut mixed with it. It does give your face a square shape making it more attractive as well as symmetrical. You just need to keep that top hair smooth and shiny.


Thick Brushed Back Hair with Undercut that comes with Line Up 

From those teens in high school to that office going men, this hairstyle just looks fabulous on a lean shiny face. It does make you look like a male model as you keep the hair brushed back making your hair look classy.  


High Fade with Spiky Hair shining with a Full Beard


Spike was introduced to us at the beginning of the 2000s and it has been famous since then. Mix it with a full beard. Bingo! You get the best hairstyle. Once you get that haircut done, surely you will have a sharp look.


Pompadour with Undercut Fade

When you try to mix undercut fade with a hairstyle as awesome as pompadour, you get a true masterpiece. It gives you a sharp classic look with the slick thick hair, keeping you ready for any occasions.


High Bald Fade with Cropped Fringe

In the summer, there is no better hairstyle than this. As it is short and faded, you feel very light and fresh all the time. And the best part is this hairstyle is absolute casual and cool. It will make you look laid back yet stylish at the same time.


Short Sides with Medium Length Hair on Top 

Talk about casual long but comforting hairstyles, this is one of the best casual haircuts. It has short sides, which makes you look more defined, and a puffy medium hair on the top.


Slicked Back Hair with Short Sides

Short sides having slicked back medium hair on top makes one look clean and sharp. Well, it is good to have these type of haircuts cause at times, you wanna look casual yet sharp.


Classic Messy Long Hair with Thick Beard

This one reminds me of the fashion icon David Beckham as he had it too. This hairstyle has the famous classic long hair on the top and a thick beard on your face, showing how much of a classy gentleman you are.  


Layered Messy Long Hair

Long hair has been popular among men for a long time, it gives you a cool careless vibe about you, especially if you are keeping it messy. Well, be the rebel you always wanted to be with this look.


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