Top 10 Retro Fashion Trends That Have Made a Comeback in 2018 – Modern Retro Fashion in Trend

Fashion never gets old! Though it becomes dormant for a while, it still finds a way to come back. Every year, new styles are introduced, but vintage styles always stays in vogue. Almost half of the year has passed, but some of the prominent 90’s fashionable trends still linger on.

Let’s take a look at the Best Retro Fashion Trends 2018:

Round Glasses

Specs are no more nerdy! To give an instant uplift to your looks, add a pair of round glasses. Actual frames highlight your eyes and give you a new look, especially when you pair it with messy buns and a loose tee.


Dungarees have always been the hottest style of clothing. Be it short or long; dungarees goes well with crop tops and a hat. Even popular stars like Bella Hadid and Emma Watson prefer denim overalls.

Embroidery on Clothes and Accessories

This year, one of the most trending retro trends is embroidery clothes, including Indian wears. Not just this, even footwear, backpacks, and jackets are embroidered with beautiful colours and designs.


Apart from being vintage, the best thing about Choker necklaces is they are available in different colours, designs, and materials. Most of the time, we give attention to our clothes and shoes, but accessories like choker compliment every dress in a beautiful way.

Bell sleeves

From fictional character like Cersei from Game of Thrones to on-screen actresses like Jacqueline Fernandez, Bell Sleeves dresses are in vogue. These bigger and loud sleeves go well with every style of dressing, including shorts and skirts.

Denim Jackets

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Whether it’s hot outside or cold, the one thing that you can always carry no matter what is Denim jackets. Be it sleeveless or full hands – this additional layering always adds charm and style. Certainly, denim jackets are one of the best old fashion trends coming back in style.


Crop tops

To add instant character to an outfit, a cute crop top is the best option. From Maxi skirts and Indian lehengas to shorts and denim, crop tops go with everything you can think of wearing. They are best suited for a casual day to spend with your friends.


High Waist

For a long time, people have been wearing low waist jeans, skirts, and even sarees. High waist retro jeans and skirts have made an outstanding comeback this year. Irrespective of the body type and personality, everyone can easily carry high waist lowers with crop tops.



Gone are the days when fashion lovers used to carry small clutches or slings with themselves. No more considered as old school, vintage big backpacks are back in trend for good.


Bob & Bangs

Bob & Bangs hairstyle, one of the best old fashion trends, have been a part of our childhood. After so many years, Bobs and Bangs are back in full source. Definitely, Taylor Swift’s haircut has become a new trendsetter, adding versatility to the looks.

If you have been missing a new set of the trend for a long time, get along with any one of the mentioned vintage styles and get yourself a new look.

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