Top 10 Styles of Sunglasses to step out in style in 2018

Prepping for an outing and attempting to nail the ultimate look? Where rolling out in style comes naturally to a few, it also lands some in the spiral of endless trials before they can manage a decent show of skills. For someone who always struggles with ‘the look’, the fashion industry’s lightning fast speed can leave them gasping for every single breath.

Sunglasses are the way forward to uplift the overall look and make a statement. They have been trending for quite some time now and the fashionistas can’t seem to get enough of them. Pairing a simple outfit with the right sunglasses can do wonders for anyone. It comes as no surprise that they have been so popular amongst the celebrities. Be it at a party, a red carpet, a promotional event, at the airport, a simple outing, even funerals, sunglasses are a yes for them.

Want to add streaks of colour to your outfit? Throw on some contemporary shades with exuberant colours and transform your look.

Here is a list of top 10 styles of sunglasses that are hitting the charts in 2018.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Popular amongst the ladies for its feminine look and a flattering shape, these add a pinch of sophistication and a hint of glamour to the look. These have been in for years now and are no longer limited to our mothers or grandmothers. They are the perfect pick for the vintage renewal in your everyday look.


Tinted Sunglasses

Who does not appreciate beauty especially when it comes with an offer to make you look sassy yet classy? Tinted sunglasses lighten up the world for you while brightening you up for the world. Not just women, these shades have found their ground among men as well. Cutting the clutter, these shades go with a variety of outfits and make it to the favourites list almost every time.

Mirrored Sunglasses

If you want to rock that chic look you have always admired, mirrored sunglasses are a must-have. Also known as reflective sunglasses, these are donned by fashion mavens all around the world. From monochromatic to oil slick effects, these come with an array of choices to pick from. Mirrored sunglasses are known to make strong and bold statements and leave an impression that lasts.

Round Sunglasses

These are a very fresh and modern approach the very cool and classic style frame. Dive into the past eras and find your retro soul from the 70s with these beauties. These frames are timeless and give you a casual cum edgier look. Round sunglasses owe their popularity to the celebrities who simply can’t get enough of them.

Embellished Sunglasses

Still making its inroads among the common masses, these are a big hit with the celebrities. Summer hits and embellished sunglasses hit the shelves. Paired with floral or plain outfits, embellished sunglasses are perfect for festivals and summer getaways. They make a statement like no other and are here to stay.

Double Bridge Sunglasses

They refuse to go out of style and have been going strong especially when it comes to men’s eyewear. The metallic details of such frames stand out. These are a creative mix of acetate and metal frame that has an angular metal bridge. The trend for lighter and finer-looking spectacle frames are becoming increasingly apparent. It is clean, simple yet, extraordinary and does not detract from the clean aesthetic.

White Frame Sunglasses

Perfect for your summer escape they offer all cheat codes to an all-round look. White frame glasses were made popular by celebrities and have been on everyone’s list of picks since. Also, these shades are known to spell sophistication. What comes as a surprise is a subtle manner in which it can add charm to outfits. So throw on your Audrey Hepburn approved frames and roll out in style.

Browline Style Sunglasses

Just like our brows frame our eye, these have a bold upper part of the frame that frames the lens. The most popular styles of browline sunglasses include Ray-Ban Clubmasters. They add an intellectual look which comes with a retro-inspired touch.

Flat-Top Visors

This subtle D frame shades up the style quotient by several notches. They put up a clean show without any hassle and pulling them off with ease doesn’t come easily. But once you get a hang of these shades they can work like a charm. These are flat at the top donned popularly by the Beckham brigade these sunglasses speak for themselves and follow season after season.

Ski Goggles

If you have fallen for oversized frames and are a sports enthusiast deep within then ski goggles will own you. Stars have been sporting them and are making them the talk of the town. Don’t be shy to try these on to make a statement not quite like your usual self. Find the right size for you and put it to best use to attain the perfect look.

A lot of things need to be considered before choosing the frame that accentuates our look.  These are just ten different styles of sunglasses and a lot more are popping up worldwide. Go ahead and explore the kingdom of glasses and pick your style.

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