Top 5 Budget Perfumes

Each day comes with a new story, new chapter and thus a new scent is needed. Everyone wishes to smell good, no matter however many budget constraints we face. Since all of us girlies wish to smell ethereally beautifully without spending a bomb on perfumes, we have compiled a list of top 5 perfumes under Rs.1000. We do make your life easy, don’t we?

Sophistique Women by Perfume Booth

One thing that makes powerful women is sophistication and a faint hint of fragrance; these certainly are the makings of this perfume. This perfume is bottled in a pleasant looking bottle and captures the very essence of women, elegance. It stands true to time and makes a Women feel like a Queen. Girlies, those days where you need to feel extra empowered, this will be your staple!

Beverly Hills Polo Club 1 Woman Eau Da Parfum

Women are no longer restrained to the indoors. They embrace sports and outdoor activities with both arms. And this is why; a perfume devoted to all such activities is a necessity for Women. This fragrance is dominated by Orange and undertones of lime, Bergamot and Tangerine leaves. A whiff of this perfume is going to last all day long easily.

Yardley London EDT Body Mist

Yardley has been rejuvenating us from within since the 17th century and even now their promise remains unbroken. This mist captures the rainy sweet fragrance of a typical London morning, Jasmine and Cedar Wood.  With a light and a lingering fragrance, this one is bound to make heads turn.  All you college going girls, will have a new best friend after using it.

Nike Fragrances Eau De Toilette Natural Spray

Don’t we all love a fragrance that keeps our feminine avatar intact along with brushing up on our sporty avatar too, we do, right?  This fragrance is for those girls whose love for Mother Nature knows of no bounds. And with an undertone of sports, it surely makes to be one of the must have in your closet.

Revlon Charlie Blue Edt

Revlon is a trusted brand, be it perfumes or beauty. This brand has always lived up to it expectations. Revlon has a wide range of perfumes named Charlie; their fragrances are move from sweet flowery to sporty wild scents. And this one is for all those days when you wish to smell like a Gardenia bouquet, when a lunch date with your girlfriends seem the best, this should be your scent for the day.

All those who still haven’t filled your shopping cart with these scents, they are committing a big MISTAKE!!!


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