Top 5 Designer Handbag Brands

Designer handbags! Oh, Awe-inspiring! A designer handbag is something that comes to every woman’s mind when it comes to completing their look. There is no dearth of the bag to choose from, with every brand worth its name, launching bags every season. So, it becomes very difficult to choose the best one from the number of options, whether you love backpacks, tote bag, satchel, or clutch. You always end up being confused! We have brought a list of top 5 stupendous designer handbags.

1.Michael Kors

Luxury has been the great rush of our times. So, Michael Kors is one such luxury brand that has taken the hold of the mindset of the masses. However, it is known for designing a wide range of accessories including watches but the unique remains the same, the handbags. While they lean to a simple design, the accessories and the accent woven in each design makes the bag as unique as the last.


As women we all want our fashion to be relatively uncomplicated and especially when it comes to accessories, convenience is the key. In terms of practicality, there are very few brands that understand it the most and even fewer that executes this well and fine. Thanks to the Coccinelle that covers all those bases and is able to follow that fine line so well and designed their bags simple without being boring with perfect size and style that suits every occasion.



Fendi’s design will let you blow out of the water and leave you with the bubbles of thought of how they design a bag with such creativity. It is the most luxurious brand and is famous amongst the world of the celebs. It’s hot style and stunning appearances will let you in complete awe. But is comparatively more expensive.


In the market crowded with the Luxury handbags, Gucci has its own name. These days Gucci is on a role, the bag’s latest design is seen everywhere from celebs to the teen girls. The Gucci Marmont’s latest collection is completely stunning and I’m sure you would fall for it. The collection will leave you in a dilemma and choose your favorite bag from the beautiful collection is going to be difficult. They give unmatched attention to every single detail and thereby making their collection iconic.


Prada is not a new name when we talk about designer bags. Prada’s bags have the most elite design that is best for every occasion from attending a cocktail party to going out to the beach, it fits perfectly well.

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