Top 5 Best Business Magazines for every Entrepreneur

Top 5 Business Magazines for every Entrepreneur


Taking a quick ride to work? Want to catch up on the latest in the corporate world? Acquisitions, buyouts, investments, seed-funding et al! Well, the answer to your questions lie in these five trending magazines. So whether you’re on the move, or joining work after a vacation, or even traveling on a long haul flight from one corner of the world to another, all you’ve got to do is give these best-sellers a read. And we guarantee a quick resolution to all your questions!


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While you tinker with the offer, here’s a list of the top five magazines that are a must read for all entrepreneurs (budding or established) –


  1. FORBES:
    Now, who doesn’t want to read a Forbes! Its top lists are now established benchmarks for success. However, the magazine is not limited to these lists alone. It has a unique coverage style for carrying global stories of value together with well-informed editorials. It is often said that once an entrepreneur features on Forbes, the gates to worldwide acclaim open faster. From the richest to the ones who will turn the tide of the century, Forbes’ opinion pieces delve far deeper than just the tip of an iceberg.
    In India, BW Businessworld has the highest numbers in terms of circulation. Be it by virtue of its crisp and to the point note pieces, or a concentrated focus on the trends and patterns being followed in business circles around the country. The three-sectioned magazine clearly delineates the after-effects of government and corporate decisions with well-written interviews with business behemoths along with a steady focus on the life after work hours. What more can an Indian entrepreneur ask for!
    Close on the heels of Forbes, is another A-lister – Fortune – a magazine that is well respected the world over for its razor-sharp op-eds and its famed lists courtesy is deep-rooted and unparalleled information network in even the most influential offices. All this and more while keeping in with the changing times and maintaining a contemporary fervor. Present in India in association with another well-established media house such as the ABP Group, readers are treated to a perfect blend of global business journalism with Indian insights.
    The go-to destination for all professionals and entrepreneurs with the zeal and the zest to make it big in the Indian markets, Entrepreneur India is the desi avatar of the leading American magazine that targets upcoming businesses. For all those who’ve set out to change the way people establish businesses, Entrepreneur is the perfect medium to build a more personalized network to move forward with its peer-to-peer approach. With over a million reach in terms of circulation, Entrepreneur is present in more than six countries.

One of India’s pioneers in business journalism, Business India was launched in 1978. The magazine enjoys a steady following among even the most established of business houses in the country. The efficient resources that the magazine employs to get the deepest of insights from the most important quarters of the Indian market are often sworn by its exclusive

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