Easy and Best Ways to Find Amazing Online Economical Food Offers in India

Do Not Let the New City Affect Your Taste:

Food is something which you cannot resist, especially when you are at some new place. If you are an Indian, it can as well be the reason you decided to move to a certain city. We are always curious to taste new dishes whenever we get an opportunity, totally unbothered by the price we’d have to pay.

But is it healthy for your pocket?

Guess not! There are many apps and websites which offer special discounts and lower prices on ordering food from them. No, they’re not compromising the quality or taste. They are just procuring them a bit differently.

So, if you are ready to know the best and economical ways of getting easy discounts on food, here are some good hacks for you.

As long as possible, order using Food App or websites instead of calling the restarurant

These days, there are many apps which you can use to order food from the convenience of your home. You don’t really have to step out and sweat to reach a restaurant, wait for it to be served and then have it. A lot of local restaurants have also some out with their own apps to cater to their customers. In fact a number of online food ordering websites these days give extra discounts to people who install and order via their app. They provide special offers and discount coupons for such customers. One must try and download apps of all their favorite food delivery stores so that they can compare and order at the best price. Our favorite are ordering using Swiggy coupons, Faasos coupons and Foodpanda coupons. Swiggy and Foodpanda offers the widest variety of restaurants . While we love Faasos for the amazing rolls on offer.

Keep your eyes open for Coupons & Vouchers

In India, a huge chunk of one’s salary goes into eating out and trying new dishes and with a plethora of food ordering websites and apps available these days, you don’t even have to reach out to the food, rather, the food reaches you. Do you know, the last time when you spent Rs.1500/- on ordering Dominos pizza, you actually incurred a loss. How? Well, you were in so much hurry, that you missed out that flat 40% off coupon which was showing on the right hand corner of your mobile screen, otherwise you’d have paid only Rs.900/-.

Therefore, it is very important to keep your eyes open while ordering food from a website or using an app. Such websites and apps often have some or the other discount coupons or offers for the customers which can help them save good money. Also, sometimes you also get coupons and vouchers while buying other products online which you can use to get discounts on your next food order. Infact a lot of offline stores also accept such coupons and vouchers. We at GoPaisa have collected Best Food and Grocery coupons at single page for convenience of our loyal users.

Special offers on All Days – Just Go Grab’em

Ever wondered, Mondays just doesn’t come with blues, but with some Munchy Monday offers, similarly there are Tasty Tuesdays, Wow Wednesdays, Tingling Thursdays, Foody Fridays, Spicy Saturdays and Sundae Sundays. This has become a trend and almost every e-food delivery joint has something or the other to offrer on each day of the week. Infact the BOGO (Buy one and get one) offer on the weekends is something really common these days. A lot of websites offer special discounts if chooses to order via their app. Dominos runs some of the craziest Buy one Get one free offers.

One should always lookout for these special offers before ordering a dish from an e-food store. This will not just help you have a new variety of food on each day of the week, but also save on every order you will place.

Order for the stomach, not for the eyes

Many people end up ordering without much thinking. Not that food ordering needs some deep research, but too much food ordered is a waste of food, and money. If you are one of those who order food just because you loved the way it has been pictured and presented on a website or menu, you’re not doing it right. A lot of people also order too much of food of the same variety, or flavor and end up wasting it. Remember, this habit is really costly the pocket.

Why not try and take the smarter and economical route? Here’s how…

If you know that you will not be able to order full plate of a dish, order half plate only. With the money that you’ve saved, order another dish of your choice, or maybe some dessert. The simplest and awesomest way to taste more for less. Great, isn’t it? While not all restaurants offer half plates but KFC does give you the option for ordering half a bucket or sometimes even small bucket.

Who knows you compared before buying, so COMPARE!

Try looking out for the sites offering best deals and offers on the food you’d like to order. Maybe, you can get some extra cashback on the food you’re planning to order if you do it via a coupon and cashback platform like rather than ordering it from the restaurant directly. You can easily make use of one of the price comparison apps, available easily these days, to take the more economical way. There are many websites which offer really good food at pocket friendly prices and get the food delivered right at your doorstep.

Or for instance you’re getting a ‘Flat 30% Off’ offer on one Pizza corner and a ‘Buy one, get one’ on the other. A little extra effort can save you loads of money.

Locals would know it better, there’s no harm reaching out

If you traveling to, or have just moved to a new city, it is always better to seek advice from the localites. There are times when even online is not much helpful, especially if you have to decide between two restaurants located in the same vicinity.

This is when, you should try and reach out to someone who has been staying there for much longer than you and ask him/her about the best, most economical and hygienic places where you can order food from, and then maybe check if there are good deals available on the recommended restaurants.

Taste some before going for a lot

Each place has its own specialty and the taste of a dish will vary from one shop to the other and from one region to the other. Take an example of Sambhar. The taste will vary completely if you’re having it in Delhi, in Karnataka, in Andhra Pradesh or in Kerala. Similarly the Dal in Delhi will be much spicier compared to the tinch of sweetness which you’d get if you’re having it in Gujarat, and it may not suit everybody’s taste buds.  

Hence, it is always advisable to try with less, and if you like, have loads. Who’s stopping you?

While ordering online, it is always wise to read people’s reviews. There may be one restaurant which has been rated a 7 on 10 and another which has better reviews and stands at 8 on 10.

Also it is important to understand that high priced food items may not always be the best in taste.

Always Booking hotel with food packages

Food comes as one of the biggest challenges while traveling to a new place. People often struggle to get a good taste, and if they get a good taste, it often hits their pocket really hard. Hence it is best, both for your pocket and taste buds, to book a hotel where you can also get some decent food along with a peaceful stay.  

Numerous hotel, flight and transit booking apps are great for finding some really amazing package deals. The stay, travel, and food, everything becomes cost-effective with such offers.

More lets you save more

Many hotels, restaurants and even e-food delivery stores give extra discount if you’re booking 3 rooms together, or a set of 10 burgers or say if you order 5 meals at once. For example, if you order one burger from a store, it will cost you Rs.40 for one burger, but if you order 10 burgers, you will get a flat 50% discount, which means one burger will now cost you Rs.20 per burger.

This is one of the best ways of saving some money without really compromising on the quality. Infact you get more for the price of less.

So What is better: the online or offline?

Both offline eateries and e-food stores have their own unique characterstics, and one must try the best of both. Ordering food from online stores helps you save more in the form of cashbacks, discount coupons, gift vouchers, etc. and you can also make selection based on people’s reviews of that particular restaurant or eatery.

Roadside eateries, street food specialties and famous restaurants and eateries are not just about the taste of the food, but an overall experience, the ambiance and service, especially if you are traveling to a new place.   

One must definitely check out for local apps to be able to get the best of the local foods. If you find any, nothing better than that as they will allow you to choose new, unique and delicious local food of that place without even stepping out.

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