Top 10 Online Food Ordering Websites in India – Best Food Ordering Apps You Must Have

When it’s raining outside and your refrigerator is empty, order food online to calm your growling stomach. With the presence of so many food ordering apps, you won’t be required to leave the comforts of your bedroom to cook a meal anymore. Thanks to offers, such as ‘30 minutes or free delivery’, no one has to wait too long to satiate their taste-buds. So, take out your smartphones and get ready to order from our list of the best online food ordering websites and apps in India.



Are you bored of eating the same old food? If so, FreshMenu is the destination worth exploring. Here you would find new cuisines every day. Yes! That’s their speciality; new day brings new surprises to the menu. With the name of the store itself, one can easily guess, FreshMenu believes in delivering fresh meals only. And, you can totally rely on the garden-fresh ingredients they add to create magic on the plate.



Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth! Similarly, too many food deliveries by a single person blemish the quality and freshness of the ordered food. Keeping this in mind, Swiggy rolled out a service where only one delivery personnel carries a single order at a time. As there is no minimum order value, whatever dish you crave for, just order it online on Swiggy. Since it is hard to wait for your favourite food, Swiggy presents you with real-time order tracking facility.




We all have seen FoodPanda ad on television where a cute panda delivers hot and fresh food from the nearest restaurant. Winning people’s heart over 100 Indian cities, FoodPanda brings all famous restaurant chains in your pocket. With a few swipes on your smartphone, you get to explore hundreds of menu on FoodPanda app. Choose the dish you want to have, pay for it online, and have the delicious experience of ordering food online via FoodPanda.



You are safe from the fake advertisements when you have Zomato with you. With the reviews and photos from genuine customers, you can see for yourself how the displayed cuisine looks and tastes in real. In case you wish to dine out, browse the nearby restaurants and reserve your table with no trouble. Zomato’s team of experts regularly visits the mentioned restaurants to ensure you receive fresh food always. Additionally, Zomato Gold membership gives you added bonus on your orders.



Having a cheesy bit of pizza slice filled fresh veggies and mayonnaise is tempting. Isn’t it? If pizza makes you go week at your knees, then try the super fast delivery service offered by the renowned pizza chain, PizzaHut. Whether you are working late in the office, have a family get together or not interested in cooking a meal after a long tiring day, just order pizza and experience how happiness comes in a square box.



Don’t have time to cook a healthy breakfast? No worries. Order freshly cooked Omelette, Muesli, or Pancakes from Faasos and meet your regular diet. If you are not interested in having your boring lunch? Experience unique and exciting flavours of their signature wrap or have a feast of their delicious biryani. Even your dinner is set with Faasos, as you get to enjoy their Chinese & South Indian combos, and Indian meal boxes.



Running short on money? Looking for something economical? Well, our beloved McDonald’s is always present to serve us. Whether your craving is for a chicken burger or McPuff, McDelivery is just a few clicks away. So why leave your cosy couch to visit the McD store and wait in a long queue when you would be getting the fast delivery service from McDonald’s? Wait no more and start ordering now!


Behrouz Biryani

Biryani is a love! Every Indian can relate to the word “Biryani”. Though there are a plenty of recipes to make the delicious biryani, Behrouz Biryani still possesses the authentic Persian essence. To indulge into the taste of the long-lost recipe of Biryani, order it online from Behrouz Biryani, right away. From the aroma to the mixed spices, every bite of Behrouz Biryani will take you to the paradise.



Want to experience the authentic taste of Pizza? OvenStory is the right store. Made from the fine Italian dough, cheese and ingredients, OvenStory presents you with the flavours all around the world. From Mexico to Italy to Indian style tandoori cheese pizza, plenty of choices are available at OvenStory to get explored. Order the one you wish to taste and have a flavour of the finest pizza straight from the oven.


Mad Over Donuts

Have you been on diet for too long? Planning for a cheat day? Nothing would be better than a hot and chocolaty doughnut. Mad Over Donuts literally makes us go made over their delicious doughnuts. Don’t they? Choosing which flavour is your favourite is a difficult task when you get so many choices but saying no to it is even harder. Instead of resisting your temptation, place an online order of your evening snack from MOD and forget about your diet plans.


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