Top 5 Jalebi Walas in Delhi

Independence Day comes with a lot of happiness, fervour and excitement. Many gorge on hot alluring Jalebis. And this has become a symbol of merry-making and joy during Independence Day. So, if you are looking forward to jalebis that will definitely take you around a tour of pure indulgence, you need to be know about these 5 great sweet shops!

Jalebi Wala, Jail Road:

Paneer, loved by all and Jalebis, adored by all! And imagine when both of them come together, greatness is produced!  All those who give Zero frets about calories are bound to find their likings in this small-time restaurant. With extremely affordable rates, you will find yourself more attracted to this Jalebi Wala.

Old Famous Jalebi Wala, Dariba Kalan:


You are not a foodie, if you don’t know about this shop.  And the reason is simple; it is one of the innumerable jewels of Old Delhi. You are really craving to go to this place now, right?  A small outlet tucked in the narrow lanes of Dariba Kalan, one can easily spot it by virtue of the huge rush it attracts. With this one certainly being expensive, Rs.300/ kg, the price is not even going to be a determinant due to the awe worthy experience this Jalebi provides.

Bikanerwala, Greater Kailash-2:

Are you the typical South Delhi girl? Do you always have a sanitizer around? If this is the case with you, then Bikanerwala is your true friend for all sweet-tooth related emergencies. This Sweet Shop creates magic either be it in Jalebis or Samosas. Since this shop has quite a number of outlets in Delhi and NCR, approaching it won’t be a problem

Jain Sweets, Defence Colony:

Are you a fan of Jalebis? If you are, you know that this place rightfully deserves a place in this list. This place is known for its mouth- watering Jalebis that are known to create a lingering taste all day long. Jalebis created by Jain Sweets are known for dry fruit sprinkles and the milky gravy that comes along with it.

So, this Independence Day, let’s give zero frets to our fat bodies and a cent percent thumbs up to that Jalebi-wala pot belly!


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