5 Ways To Relieve Stress


Taxing jobs, overflowing public transport, unhealthy lifestyle and the lack of an emotionally satiating personal life, causes stress. Believe it or not, it certainly has disastrous effects. Stress is literally plaguing half of the World today. Pressure and threat are the main reasons for stress and are known as stressors. Stress not only affects our mental health but physical too. It is classified in two categories: negative and positive stress. The former refers to the kind of stress in which our body experiences ill-effects  while in the latter, the people feel motivated and encouraged to achieve their targets. Importance of dealing with stress healthily has been widely accepted, we bring you 5 ways to relief it, stay tuned:



This has gained momentum in the last few months. It is considered to be the best stress reliever toy nowadays and is widely used in corporate setups  to break the boredom wagon. It has a  multi-lobed structure which is either made of plastic or of metal and is rotated between the fingers. This yields a pleasing and a soothing experience. Since it is small portable device, one can carry it around too. This toy additionally serves to increase the concentration levels  while working.



This is also one of the most effective toy that works on relieving stress. It is a ball that is filled with Malleable material that can be squeezed. It works on the theory that squeezing the ball releases tension and anxiety effectively. It is also known to work for  lowering the blood pressure as well. It is advised to keep the ball in the squeezed position for at least 90 seconds to lower the blood pressure and to witness the positive results. This toy has a wide user base, either be it a child or an adult, everyone has found their likes within it!



This toy is a great one. It works dually : relieves stress and consolidates intelligence as well. This consists of a magnetic base and 160 small stainless steel balls of different sizes, the balls are placed over the magnetic base and one can make great, funny endless sculptures accordance to their choice. Also, one can mould the structure according to their choice to give it an interesting shape and thereby helps in increasing the creativity also.



It is a conventional l way of relieving stress, formerly they were also regarded as iron balls. These are small metal balls that are small enough that at least 2 balls can be held in one hand which are rotated in a continuous contact to produce a soothing sound and hence relieving stress. This also works on   improving brain activity. The hand movement serves as an exercise for hand muscles and thus many looking to augment their physical strength can use it too.



It is a new agronomic way of relieving stress. This comes with 8-10 interconnected pieces in which each piece is covered with a rubber material that can be twisted to give it an interesting shape. It is the best toy to calm down an  anxious situation or those who have a lingering sense of anxiety all day long.

With these toys at our bay, joy will be our way!


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