Life at GoPaisa

Beach Day @ Office

Let’s face it, everyone has mid-week blues, even the GoPaisa team. And I know we have superpowers and charm bestowed to us but what to do??? So, to bash these blues and have a motivating and a cheerful week, we all planned a beach day!! Yayyy!!


Beach is considered as the perfect spot to chill and relax and hence the very wise selection. *Slow Claps*.Our employees were asked to ditch their boring outfits for a day. And were asked to dress up very beachy-ly.  Shorts, tees, maxi dresses valiantly ruled the rooster.  And just FYI tropical prints weren’t daunting at all. Chilled out dominated the atmosphere with hints of laughter and joy.


Now that we are big foodies, we just can’t eliminate that out, be it we are at any landscape!  Delicious snacks and fizzy drinks, made the day even more pleasing!

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