Life at GoPaisa

GoPaisa Goes Skiing

GoPaisa team decided to take a trip to Ski India in DLF Mall of Noida.SKI India is an innovative indoor park which offers its guests a skiing experience.
It was indeed a rejuvenating experience for the GoPaisa team. Not only did they indulge in snow fights but also brimmed with laughter and amazement provided by SKI India.
Slides added quite a lot to the adventure and a dance on icy floor sure made this trip was wonderful and memorable in every way!

The More, the merrier, is what GoPaisa’s precious gems were going for! All lost in the joyous yet soothing feeling.


Apart from showing off their cognitive abilities, GoPaisa team loves to show its muscular abilities too now and then.


Entire GoPaisa team stiffened with the snow at Ski India, yet putting up such brimming smiles since togetherness is what we all crave for!!


Operations and the Support team caught in an off-guard moment!


GoPaisa hopes to bid its loyal employees a hearty farewell like this always!


Because when our pretty graphic designer and technical team’s champ strike a pose, the result are bound to be great!

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