Life at GoPaisa

Killin’ Weekday Vibes @ Work

Who would have thought that somewhere on this surface of the Earth, work and fun would be used as a synonym for each other? No, we ain’t kidding! Such is the life at GoPaisa. We know better ways to knock out the weekday vibes and how!

Calling out everyone and asking them to show their best moves with the racket and the shuttle is all that you will need on a sulking weekday. What’s more? The day was made a lot better with the cool weather and the evergreen nimboo pani on the rocks!


The fun on the ground was evident with the sound of giggles coming from every corner of it. Challenges were thrown out at each other and all were taken in the good spirit. We ain’t apologizing if we are making you envious in any manner whatsoever because we intend to! *winks*


The best thing about Springs is outdoor games, bright sun and lots of laughter but don’t you worry GoPaisa has got you covered in all the seasons!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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