Life at GoPaisa

Luncheon at GoPaisa

GoPaisa is a fabulous team. It shares infinite love for two things: soulful food and hard work. The latter comes naturally to us but the former is something that needs to be refurbished every now and then. And hence, the pot-luck lunch!  This lunch had everything great in it :great food, great people. What else does one need? *Dancing*

Our team is indeed a diverse one, and hence we coloured our lunch with diverse colours. From southern Indian delicacies Idli Sambhar, to North India’s pride aloo poori. If you are wondering we only gorged on these,  Paneer and Dal Makhani did make a brief appearances. After all they were heavenly. For our team members having sweet curiosities, we certainly did not disappoint them. With Sheera and Halwa paving the path of pure sin, we gladly committed them. Lassi filled with cream and chaach, ruled the beverage scenario like a true blue-blooded king.

Good food was amalgamated beautifully with good humour, and that is how we go Saturday-ing!!!


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