Life at GoPaisa

ROFL Friday at GoPaisa

Fridays are streaked with magic for obvious reasons and in GoPaisa they are splashed with oodles of laughter too. This Friday our entire team engaged in a playful conversation with Shamsher Singh. Gopaisa team was enthralled by this chap who was actually in disguise, our Research Executive.

Our Very Own Shamsher Singh

He enacted a rowdy yet humorous police man from own Punjab. His humour and his one- liners spared no one. He regarded our very own Content Head as “Cute Gabbar” and joked on the never ending working capacity of our support team. He showed no sympathy for our engineers and literally cracked a crackpot. His mimicry of the comedian Kapil Singh was spot on.

The Flinstone Roast

Gopaisa team started their weekend with a long laughter and memories that they will hold close to their heart forever.

In Conversation with the Cute Gabbar



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