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Of Toothbrushes, ‘Colgate’, Cavities & more – When dentists came calling @ GoPaisa

Most Saturdays at GoPaisa are spent having fun with playful weekend activities, but that’s not all we focus on weekends. On July 7 this year, the GoPaisa team had their oral hygiene checked by experts.

Yes, everyone hates a dentist and if truth be told, many of us were scared of their equipment. However, things turned out to be completely the opposite when we met the ‘dental docs’. One by one, they examined everyone’s teeth, illustrated current problems with their causes and what precautions should be taken to avoid further issues related to oral health.

A dentist a day keeps the cavities away!

Later on, they surprised everyone with important facts we were unaware of. Also, they broke some popular brushing technique myths we followed blindly until now. Before they left, the ‘dental docs’ explained the importance of taking care of our oral hygiene and visiting dentists on a regular basis.

But that’s now how Saturdays end at GoPaisa! We devoted the rest of our hours playing general knowledge quizzes and other outdoor games to release work-stress.

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