6 On-Screen Moms We Want in Real Life

From Radha (Mother India) and Durga (Karan Arjun) to Devki (Mom) and Anuradha (Jazbaa), we have seen different on-screen mothers in bold, strong, emotional, and struggling characters. In real life, our mothers are almost similar, only less dramatic. There’s no doubt about the fact that we all share a special bond with our mothers. However, at times, all of us do wish to see our mothers in a different avatar – quirky and unique. This International Mother’s Day, we bring to you a list of on-screen mothers we wish our moms could emulate.

Kavita Malhotra | 2 States

All of us are the apple of our mothers’ eye. But for Kavita Malhotra, her son (Krish Malhotra) was a basket full of fruits. Imagine having a loud and possessive mother in your life, who would treat you like one of the seven wonders of the world. Introducing her to your friends would be sweaty, since you already know she will definitely comment out loud, without realizing what she’s saying.

Anjali Tiwari | Hungama

Anjali Tiwari, an insecure mother, tries to change herself fearing an abandonment by her son (due to her rustic living style). Imagine what would happen if your mother, who always stayed behind a ghunghat, suddenly thinks of shifting to a contemporary wardrobe with an extra obsession for a zero size figure? If that were to happen, won’t we be worried about calling our moms back home should she visit a party?

Manju Chakravarty | Khoobsurat

We don’t have to visualize Manju as our mothers are somewhat similar. Maa ka call aaya gives all a better understanding. Although a 1,000 calls in a day are annoying, at the end of the day, she will listen to your problems and lessen up the burden of your stressful life.

Hansa Parekh | Khichdi

Supriya Pathak’s loved character also makes it to our list. Many would wonder how she features here! Having Hansa as a mother would be real fun. You would be the one looking after her and explaining common English words. Don’t worry, your aunt Jayshree would be there too to take care.

Dolly Arora | Vicky Donor

Can you sit with your mother and have whiskey on the rocks? Absolutely not! (Exceptions are always there). But imagine having Dolly as your mother, who can be your drinking partner. Not only this, your grandmother can tag along too and all of you can sit together and have a blast.

Maya Sarabhai | Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai

Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled by a ‘momma’ like Maya Sarabhai? But getting along with a talented and sophisticated mother would not be a piece of cake. You wouldn’t be able to date an individual belonging to the ‘middle-class’ owing to the fact that she would never leave a chance to gracefully belittle your significant other. However, her love for her children is never-ending.

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