Ganesh Chaturthi Decoration Ideas at Home

Don’t we all feel excited when someone comes to visit us? And when it is Ganpati, our excitement has no limitation. How great is it to host the ‘darling’ of masses? This 10-day period is revered by all, and quite a number of preparations are also done beforehand.

Like any other guest, a host needs to ensure that the house is well-kept and looks beautiful. So, we are making sure that your house is on point for Ganesh!

Bead Curtain

We know that fresh flowers for the background are absolutely amazing but let’s face it, they are not at all convenient and let’s not even talk about the hefty costs that come with them. So, to make sure that your Ganpati has the most beautiful background, bead curtains are here! These curtains make sure that they form a shiny yet a very inviting background and not to forget convenient at the same time.

Fairy lights

Fairies have always been there for us and this time they are here too. But in the form of lights. Don’t believe us? Try installing fairy lights and you’ll know the answer.  Fairy lights render a very arm and a very magical atmosphere which is apt for your Ganesha. It will make the room elegant and classy at the same time.

White Ganesha Hanging Idol

What is Ganpati without quaint little hangings?  You totally got us! Festive seasons are just not complete without these hangings and a separate one is surely needed when it is for Ganesha. This one is silver in color and yields an air of charm and elegance. Ganesha hanging is surely going to attract all the attention for its very classy luster. Hang this on the either side of your main door!

Traditional Diya with Chain 

This festive season will be more festive with this handcrafted diyas.  These diyas with being traditional also talk about modernity, thus striking a balance! These ones have an elongated chain along with them and the chain at the end contains a handle so as to make it easy for hanging.  Made from brass and in the shape of a peacock, they are surely going to make the room look enchanting. One can hang these in opposite to Ganesha to make the room awe-worthy.

Roli-Chandan Akshat Container 

What is Pooja without Roli and Chandan?  So, to calm your pooja curiosities down and also to keep abreast with your aesthetic sense, we have this for you. This beautiful container that looks magnificent and can be used for all occasions such as Griha Pravesh, Raksha Bandhan and etc.

Green and Yellow Hibiscus Flowers

What are festivals without flowers?  You all will agree with us, but as I said the sluggish economy and the convenience factor underplays our flowery excitement. And this is when artificial flowers come to our rescue.  This plant has bright green leaves and has yellow flowers popping out. It renders a very colorful and a very bright look to the room. Scatter them all around the room and give a bright treat to yours and Ganesha’s eyes.

With these tips, we’re sure you are going to sway your magic on Ganesha!


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