International Women’s Day: Celebrating Womanhood

‘A WOMAN is God’s best creation’, they say. She is often compared to Mother Nature as well. Yet there still are some who refuse to accept that she is every bit of an equal as her male counterpart. And in many an instance, even better. The spirit, the perseverance, the dedication, the commitment… She has proven that tough times don’t last but tough people do. And it is to that undying spirit that today we salute the fairer sex. On the occasion of International Women’s Day today, we bring to you a collection of stories of women who’ve defied the odds. Welcome to GoPaisa Shorts.

Every one dreams of a loving family, good education, a respectable job, and a loving partner. Sonali had them all till one day life gave her a jolt. A fire during Diwali in October 2011 left her body bruised and blistered.  Not only did it affect her skin, but it shredded her self-confidence to pieces. The pain didn’t stop there. Her then fiancé, called off their engagement as well. Completely bed-ridden as result of seven surgeries, Sonali was confined to her room for 6 months. And when she came out, a barrage of insensitive questions, nasty comments, and restrictions of lifestyle awaited her. However, the fighter in her, refused to give up. Six years down the line, Sonali not only has a great job, but also a life partner who happens to be a childhood friend. We salute the spirit of this truly spirited and self-made woman this International Women’s Day.

For many, the very connotation of being a small town girl makes them vulnerable to the dangers of a big city. But not for Pragati. Hailing from the tiny hamlet of Orai (near Jhansi, Madhya Pradesh), she seldom let the ‘small-town girl’ tag hamper her dreams. With eyes fixed on her goal, Pragati fought all odds – literally. From an over-conservative family, to a society which looked down on women trying to westernize themselves – Pragati has had a rough-hill ride. Failures at every step were, thus, a part of her life.

And then dawned 2011. Pragati had reached her ‘enough is enough’ moment. She relocated to the Capital and completed her Masters. Today, she is working in one of India’s leading startups as a Graphic Designer. Ask her about her story, and the otherwise shy Pragati, giggles. This International Women’s Day, we cheer her ‘never say die’ spirit.

Life is a bed of roses till you’re in safe hands. The day you step out, a darker side awaits. Nandhini began her job hunt after completing her studies. Little did she know that this hunt would be an arduous task. The people she encountered (chauvinists, womanizers, and the kind) would generally schedule interviews at night. These were often accompanied by unwelcoming demands which made her uncomfortable.

Taking it all in her stride and treading cautiously, Nandhini kept on persevering. Believing in her capabilities, she never gave up. And today, she can boast of having some of the big names in the industry on her resume. With an undying love for theatre, she wishes to have the world as an audience cheering and applauding her. This International Women’s Day, we raise a toast to this champion.

The road was uncharted, the avenue un-visited, yet she set out on a path many fear stepping afoot on. Megha entered matrimony at a very young age. The marriage, fixed by her family, was a bit too early for a girl who was yet to complete her education. This Patna Women’s College graduate was left to fend for herself in a family she was yet to come to terms with.

Not one to get cowed into the confines of the house, Megha fought her own inhibitions and successfully finished her studies. It is at this juncture that her partner for life, became her biggest support. Being an avid traveller, the duo went on to become backpackers and explored the unexplored with much elan. A successful blogger today, Megha swears by her husband and wallops off on unexpected journeys at the first instance. It is these women who teach us how to manoeuvre around life’s unwanted roadblocks. This International Women’s Day we salute women like Megha.


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