It’s Prank Time!

So, people! Its 1st of April: the best time to fool people with some well-planned pranks. But if you haven’t decided on a plan yet, here is a little help from our side. We have made a list of some superb pranks that are not just easy to implement but also will get you the desired reaction from your friends.

  1. Fill Oreos with toothpaste.
  2. Cover cotton balls in chocolate.
  3. Place an airhorn beneath your colleague’s chair.
  4. Cover the optical sensor of someone’s mouse.
  5. Paint soap with nail polish.
  6. Put Mayo or Ketchup instead of cream in people’s donuts.
  7. Cover everything in aluminium foil.
  8. Change the time of people’s clock and wake them up much before their usual time.

Happy Fooling


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