New Year Traditions Across the Globe

This year has almost ended and we stand on the threshold of a new year. While the entire world celebrates this day with utmost passion and fervour, there are some unique traditions followed by different countries to mark the coming of the new year. These customs have some or the other logic or superstition added to them. Whatever be the reason, they are fun to follow. While some are meaningful, there are a few that are hilarious. Have a look!

Denmark: Unused plates are shattered against the door on the New Year’s Eve.

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Spain: Those who manage to stuff their mouth with 12 grapes at midnight are supposed to have a lucky New Year.

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Philipines: Becuase coins are round, people in Philippines use everything round on the 1st of January. Eat round food and wear round clothes.

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Switzerland: People drop ice-cream on the floor to celebrate the New Year.

Image result for switzerland new year dropping ice cream

Bolivia: Coins are baked into cakes and whoever finds the coins has good luck for the next year.

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Ireland: People hit the walls with bread to get rid of evil spirits.

Image result for ireland bread hitting on wall

South Africa: They throw furniture out the window in some parts of this country.

Image result for throw furniture out of window south africa

Scotland: The first person to enter your home in the new year should carry a gift for good luck.

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Estonia: People eat seven times on the first day of the New Year to ensure abundance throughout the year.

Image result for estonia eating in abundance new year tradition

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