Stationery and Art Festival

Let’s face it guys, Stationery is an indispensable part of our lives.  And imagine the effect it yields when that necessity is an art piece. We got your blood pressure increased, right? Hold on. Deep breath. *Drumrolls*

An entire festival is coming to Delhi dedicated to Stationery from the 26th of August to 3rd September.  God has been a little kind to us and hence the sweet haven of Stationery.

All those who are looking forward to buy supplies for their school/college, or they wish to buy classy and never-seen-before supplies, this is the door you need to knock on.  The very amazing part about this festival is that apart from stationery supplies, this festival is also going to smooth your art related curiosities down.  This festival is going to cater to all. If you wish to buy non-poisonous water colours for your children, this is the place for you. Looking for a chic planner?  This festival has that too.

This Stationery and Art Material festival is hosting brands of World repute such as Sakura, Mungyo, Shinhan Art India, Akashiya, Foremost India, Foremost Agencies, Dong-AIndia,Milan Stationery India.  

Trust us, guys?? Excitement is soaring high ^^^

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