The dreadful Monday!

Loving Monday

There is something ecstatic about a Friday evening, wonderful about a Saturday and a comforting about a Sunday, till it’s evening.  Gone are the delights neatly packaged via a cruel drudgery named Monday. We fret and hate it but does it really help?
I  wonder sometimes, can there possibly be someone who loves a Monday or perhaps waits eagerly and preparedly for it or is there an escape out of this whole mess? I mean not looking for ‘The answers’ but a slightly different perspective than us, the mango people.

To be honest, you will never grow into “loving” a Monday. That’s the hard truth but a little bit of effort can make us start surely.
How to begin? Here’s how!

  1. Begin your day early.
    You could only begin early if you doze off under permissible time limits Going to your place of work with a yawning face or a hangover on a Monday morning is the biggest professional felony. Escape routine Monday crankiness and be your own kind of cool.
    Wish everyone a pleasant Morning and walk into the office Like a BOSS!

Dress up well.

  1. Curse me, hurl abuses! but that’s absolutely true. A well dressed person walks with a confidence like no other. You know you look good, half the deal is won.
    This piece of advice comes specifically for a Monday Morning since well you know, you’re partially still debating on why did this Monday ever have to come!

Plan and Prioritize.

  1. Never has planning and prioritizing wasted anyone’s efforts. Planning your Mondays a little early gives you a sense of relief as to how your energies can be channelized. I’m no management Guru but if you ain’t planning you ain’t going anywhere.

4.  Put your smart phones to sleep a little early than you do!
For only on Sundays, try switching off the phones a little early than  you sleep. You’ve socialized your bit on weekends enough and it’s time    to leave yourself with you and experience a calm sleep.

Mondays are a pain in the a** and I couldn’t agree more. However if a  little bend in the routine can help, I’m willing to squeeze a bit!

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