The New year is here!

Happy New Year

A year end is more than what it just sounds. 365 days of hard work, snatched moments of freedom meeting new people, letting go off some of them, moving out of spaces, moving into new ones. All the episodes of your Season 1( or 2014; however you’d like to call it) is stagerring towards a beautiful end. You essentially might not be able to give it the poetic justice that we most often look for but I’m sure three four years in a row, you’d easily tie it around a knot and weave a beautiful ‘Once upon a time’ for your own self.
The ending perhaps is also an end to all the unfulfilled dreams you had sought in the year’s beginning and were insanely hopeful for it. On the brighter side though, there is a whole new year approaching!

Every day is a new chapter you can scribble on and write yourself your favourite version of the story.

New Year’s have always been this constant flux of happy and not so happy periodicals. This time I say, Let’s put down a few essentials towards making our life an extremely happy one. What if the destination is not founded, we’d still love the process of building the road.

Make Achievable Goals
You must never put in gigantic goals which deter you from even starting them. New Year Goals should be achievable and in order to make them so one has to take care how to form them. So instead of a humungous “ I’d be size zero” you can pin it down to “I would eat healthy for 5 days in a week”. This way your mind would easily be able to convince you to begin acting on a resolution you formed and not just put it off like we always do.

Write your Resolutions down

When resolutions are written down in front of us, it becomes easier to map them. You would be able to develop a plan of action only then. Shorter versions of such resolutions can be easily put down in your weekly to-do-lists.
The thing with writing goals and resolutions is that you’d know that they are for real and would start working on them or atleast get midway.

Breaking patterns to get what you want

Sometimes we keep tuning in to the same ways and expect different results. If you are unable to accomplish what you want , you might as well change the way you were doing it. Getting to your destination is important but not through a way that makes you so unwilling so you drop the task altogether.
Find an alternative and then work your way through.

So in all earnestness, let’s start with these basic pointers and judge where we actually are in the middle of the year.
As of now, these are my two cents.

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