Top Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Brothers

Not every sibling pair you’ll see will be at the best of their behaviours, their quaint little rants and squirms signify their love for each other. However much a brother sister quarrel, their love for each other knows no bound.  This is what Raksha Bandhan does, Raksha bandhan celebrates the love and the affection a brother sister has for each other.  With this festival all about being care and a love both brother sisters have for each other, no penny is spared to express their love for each other.

All those sisters who have gone through all shopping windows to search the perfect gift for your brother, don’t you worry. We again have come up with a list of gifts for your very dear brother, stay tuned!

Dunhill Customised Gift Set

Is your brother the one who likes to give his spikes a comb in every hour?  Is your Brother more obsessed with his looks than you are? If this is the case with him, then this gift is surely going to give him an ear to ear.  This gift set contains a perfume and a shower gel that is strongly powered with crisp English Apple and has undertones of Cedarwood and Pepper, rendering it to be a scent of warmth and cosiness. Sounds ironic for your not-so-warm-bro, right?? *Winks*

Dumbbell Alarm Clock

Do you always fight with your brother over how unpunctual is?  Do you always get a little feisty when you see his dedication to the Gym? You, do right. All sisters do but how about letting irritation go this Rakhi and let it triumph for an awesome Rakhi gift. Yes, a gift like that can be there. Don’t believe us: check out this amazing dumbbell clock.  This clock looks as smart as quirky it is. To see an appalling yet a loved reaction on your Brother’s face, get this to gift your Brother!

Forbes Personalized Photo Frame

Let’s face it, we all at some point have wanted to be included in this magazine and in their top 100 list, haven’t we? But not many can achieve that. So, all those Sisters who wish to fulfil their Brother’s dream. This Rakhi is perfect occasion to do so.  Imagine your brother’s reaction when he will be getting celebrity vibes from this specific photo frame!!!

Shot Glasses

Do you see your brother being touted as another name of quirk? Is he a techie? And you feel he has no life because of being one?? *winks*. Well well, what can we say? We are certainly the best!! Don’t believe us, look at these shot glasses and then try to nudge the fact. This gift is surely going to deflate your brother will delight and happiness for you.

Personalized Cushion

The number of cushion fights you have had with your brother is literally innumerable. Aah! those silly fights; you do reminiscence those memories, right? How about honouring those memories the best possible way.  Get a personalized cushion and give that as a gift to your notorious brother!

Amazon Gift Card

I know you all were thinking that this list looks a bit of incomplete. You did, right? And now that it is here, it feels *complete*!!  All those Sisters for whom gifting is a daunting task can easily gift their loving brothers a gift card from Amazon.  Is your brother, the choosy one, this is the best gift. And obviously it is, after all, how great it is to have the luxury to buy anything at all.  Gift cards from Amazon vary from Rs.20 to Rs.20,000 and you can select absolutely anything.

Indian culture strives to celebrate each relationship in the best possible way. And the relationship between brother and sister is no less, from pulling each other’s leg to giving each other karmic advice to fighting over T.V. control, make this Rakhi a heartfelt one!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!!



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