Treat Yourself With Delicacies This Eid

GoPaisa team is a big foodie and we all are looking forward to Eid, and why not, afterall this is the day when we will indulge in a trip of pure sin for some lip smacking delicacies!!

Eid is celebrated by all the Muslims  and one common feature of this festival is good food. So if you are looking to make the most of this holiday then take a deep look through our list.

Pumpkin Halwa

Every time our Mother made this very vegetable, we cringed our faces but let us make you clear that Pumpkin Halwa is everything that this vegetable is not. Whenever I hear of this name, I start to salivate.

Date Parcels Stuffed with Frangipane and  Pomegranate

The name sure sounds quite a lot but they are small sweet treats. Share these with your family and friends to make this Eid even tastier.

Trust me these are the most heavenly sweet bites you will ever have.


After 30 days of fasting, everyone raves a doughnut. Luqaimats are a traditional Arabic sweetball just like doughnut but they reek of Arabia’s traditional tastes and a tad bit of sweetness that one needs in Eid.

Um Ali or Sticky Date Pudding

Are you bored to death because all along  Ramazan you have eaten traditional desserts. Don’t you wish to have a change. Then Um Ali is the dish for you. Um Ali is nothing but a cronut getting married to a traditional Arabic dessert.

Badaam Cake

Looking to resort to a  healthier  options this Ramazan, then this is the bite for you. This is a healthy form of cake and tastes delightful and bonus points to this one for health factor.

We hope you all must have started curating ingredients already for these treats. Collect away!!


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