Amazon Great Indian Summer Sale: 8 Products to Wipe off the Sweat

The long-anticipated Amazon Great Indian Summer Sale is here! While we know you’re already aware, what you don’t know is that Amazon has literally outdone itself this summer. Wondering why? Well, let’s just leave it to this list for all the high-talks!


#1 Mini Portable USB Cooler


Wish to beat the heat? Get home a mini portable cooler. What’s so special about it, you may ask! Well, this device’s a mini cooler cum air conditioner that is bladeless and ultra-quiet. Keep it in at your workstation or carry it with you to work. You’ll never lose a sweat! Savvy? We bet. 


#2 Handheld Fan with Mist Spray


A handheld fan that has a water spray! Yep, Amazon’s got it for you. It’s absolute handy and comes with PVC blades which keep you safe from injuries. Talk about a handheld moistener this dry summer! Amazon Summer Sale is just what you need this season. 


#3 Portable Chiller cum Warmer


This mini chiller with a 5-liter capacity can store cold beverages, medicines/insulin shots, fresh fruits, dairy products or even baby products at work or when you’re traveling. Worth a buy!


#4 Wine Pourer/ Aerator Chiller Rod Stick

The bar will never be the same again. An immersion rod that can be used as a wine pourer while cooling your drinks at the same time! The 3-in-1 accessory aerates your drink and is 100% safe.


#5 Car Window Vent


Your car will be a lot cooler this summer, courtesy a solar-powered air vent. This window fan helps you keep the heat off your car, when parked under the blazing sun. It comes with a rubber padding to save your vehicle from carjackers. It’s solar-powered, so no charging!


#6 Clay Water Bottle


Get back to the good old days with this clay water bottle. Made of terracotta clay, the product is fragile but cool enough to satiate your thirst.  


#7 Banana Shaped Folding Umbrella


A no-frills eye-catching design is what this umbrella has to offer. The banana-shaped accessory is wind resistant and tough enough to keep you safe from the heat and rain (if it does).


#8 Adjustable Laptop Cooling Table

Keep your laptop heat-free. This anti-dust, the noiseless cooling table is the perfect accessory for workaholics who prefer to have ‘cool’ gadgets, literally!





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