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With smartphones came the digital trend, and with the trend came the need to stay upgraded. Investing in a smartphone requires a well-planned budget to go ahead with. So, no matter how bored you are by looking at your old smartphone, you will still have to drag it to the point when it doesn’t work at all. Well, we have a correction to the previously written statement. Now, that you have Cashify by your side, you are no more required to tag along your phone till the time you loathe the very sight of it.

Cashify is the solution to your budget constraints and cash to score that new upgrade. You heard it right! Cashify can be your saviour when it comes to getting rid of your old smartphone and getting Cash in return. It’s an online recommerce platform, founded by Mandeep Manocha & Nakul Kumar in the year 2009. The company started off with the baby steps and now one can see the company growing and crossing milestones every passing day. For instance, it’s the official exchange partner of ICT biggies like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung & Xiaomi.  Cashify lets you sell your old gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets. laptops, TV sets, gaming consoles instantly at the most lucrative deal.

Cashify has made a name for itself in the Indian resale market. There are various reasons behind the popularity of Cashify and one of the major reasons for that is that the company has understood the ever-growing market of smartphones. When it comes to new phones, there are thousands of options, both offline & online, but what about disposing off the old ones? That is where Cashify comes into the picture. It buys your old smartphone at a great price and then refurbishes & redistributes it. The sole moto behind this venture is one ideology of the founders – one man’s waste is another man’s treasure.

The procedure to sell your old phone at Cashify is extremely simple. All you need to do is to download the Cashify App on your smartphone (available for Android and iOS), you can even operate the same on the official website. Punch in the details of your phone along with its present condition and there you go! You will instantly receive the quote price for your device and once you accept the same and provide your address for free pickup, a Cashify executive will come to your doorstep to pick up your phone. After a thorough checking of your smartphone, you will be handed the price of your phone, right at your doorstep. Yes! It’s that easy and absolutely free.

And have you heard? Cashify even has this amazing service called Cashify ScreenPro. Using this, you can get the screen of your phone repaired at your doorstep. What’s more? You will also be entitled to a 7-day money back guarantee and 6 months warranty. Furthermore, ScreenPro offers you upto 50% off on this service along with other coupons and deals.

So all we can say now is, go for it and you’ll experience first-hand what we’ve been talking about

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Cashify – Sell Used Mobile, Tablet & iPhone

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