10 Ideas to Save Unlimited: Regardless of the Indian City You Live in!

In India, where prices of things vary from city to city, you must have faced the rising costs and shrinking goods for money. Sometimes, when you shift from a city to another city, the overall budget expands as you do not know the ideas to save money efficiently.

Sometimes, it feels Gurgaon is much costlier than the Delhi. For north Indians, south India may look expensive for shopping.

But where there’s a will, there’s the way! So, there are also many amazing ideas which can save you a lot, no matter where are you living or traveling.

Money Saving Tips

Our list can help you for sure

Idea 1: Shop Online

Online shopping is convenient and probably a lifesaver in too hot or cold weather. You can get better discounts than the local shops if you do it wisely. Saving a lot of time and money, it is the best idea to save money regardless of the Indian city you live.

Money Saving Ideas

Doing a little research lets you save even more. The coupons, Flipkart offers, Snapdeal offers, Shopclues offers, and Amazon offers are some ways to get good stuff at low prices.

These vouchers, coupons, discounts are great to avail as they save a lot for your extra needs. So, go digital while shopping!

Idea 2: Find Cashback apps, websites, and offers

Many websites and apps are offering the bank specific or usable cash backs. So, search and use them to save. Websites like Paytm, Freecharge and Amazon are offering cash backs for the users. The 5-10% cash back offers may seem a little less but believe me, it is far better than no savings at all.

These little cash backs can save you some handsome amount of money. You will get special links on websites for cash back offers. The sign ups to such websites can be beneficial for your pocket.

Idea 3: If shopping out, try not to go CASHLESS.

When we shop, the feel that we are spending more than required comes only if we are paying actual money. The credit cards, ATM cards, net banking will never let you feel the same.

If you are in an Indian market, it is quite obvious that the diversity will make you excited to buy more. The cashless or plastic ways to buy things will favour you as well.

It will really make a big difference. Give a try!

Idea 4: Smartly use comparison sites and coupons

The best way to crack ‘online shopping at low prices’ is by using the comparison sites. It is better to compare the rates before you make a purchase.

Online Shopping Sites

India has a large number of e-commerce giants who are competing with each other to impress the customers, so it is not rare to get something at Rs.500 from one website and at Rs.800 from the other. The coupons can perfectly help you too. If you see space for the coupon code on a site then there is a chance to get discounts.

The hopscotch coupon, eBay coupons, Amazon coupons, Jabong coupons, Flipkart coupons, Aliexpress coupons, and Snapdeal coupons are some easy to get and pocket-friendly coupons. Use those coupon codes to save as it does not matter where you are residing.

Idea 5: Whether it is a home for rent/buy or hotel to stay, prefer the Internet, not brokers!

Changing your place is always hectic. Even business trips and travel tours can disturb you if they are spending heavily. Reducing the cost of these place shifts and trips are possible if you use the fare comparison websites and online portals for booking the hotel, without considering the place you are visiting. coupon codes and promo codes, coupons, and Makemytrip coupons can help you a lot at such times. There are many apps and websites which can help you in getting rented houses or flats at good rates. It will save you from those brokers who charge high rates for this purpose.

Idea 6: Save Electricity and other energies.

A good habit of switching on lights or fans when you are not using them can help you bank some money. Closing the taps and internet routers off while not using them is also a good way to save more.

Save Electricity

All in all, these habits can save a good amount of cash for you. Along with this, you are saving some energy resources as well which will make mother earth happy, so it is noble!

Idea 7: Pay bills and recharges online and keep offline track of it.

Paying bills can be a terrific experience. Standing in long queues, a leave from the office and long travels make it even worse. If your city’s electricity office is some 10km away from your place of residence, and route is the most traffic-prone area then going there is just a stupidity.

Better is to use online banking to save some time, energy and money.

Many banks offer special coupons for doing it which can be used later while making some purchase. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.

Idea 8: Find out best Apps to book taxis or cab. Know about best traveling alternatives for the routes of your new city.

The taxi fares for the strangers, traveling in a new city, are as high as two or three times the actual rates. But thanks to those taxi apps which are available at your rescue.

Book Taxis or Cab

The free first rides, exciting cash backs are some other benefits of using these apps. Uber, Jugnoo, TaxiforSure, and Ola cabs are some such apps. Also, there are apps which can help you compare the prices. Though, in India, Zapplon is the only app available for taxi fare comparison.

Idea 9: Sales are good: Either in e-commerce stores or in nearby markets

Oh. A sale! They’re a great way to save money. You can make the best use of them by buying the electronic gadgets, clothes and household goods at the best prices.

Idea 10: Wait for good offers if shopping is not URGENT

India and festivals are nearly synonymous and so is about festivals and sales.

Shopping can be postponed if you know that the same thing will be available at low price after some days. The Diwali sales and Holi Dhamaka type sales can never go without the astonishing market offers. So, wait if you can!

These all ideas are well applicable and economic. You can get the things at surprisingly lower rates, no matter what the inflation rate is or where you are living. Never let the costs affect you much. Go digital and shop unlimited!

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