8 Easy Baby Steps to Coupon Shopping

Online Shopping

The world of online shopping has traveled far towards the future, thanks to the   technologically advanced mobile devices.  The skyrocketing prices of some essential commodities have forced a countless number of consumers to resort to discount coupons. The discount coupons are exceptionally sizeable ideas when it comes to shopping.

Discount Coupons

We, as consumers also have the tendency to gaze at the marked down prices and look for some kind of discounts on the commodities while making purchases. Shoppers can, therefore, save the prodigious amount of money while purchasing be it from the online or from the physical stores.

“According to a study, it is revealed that online shoppers are expected to surge from 20 million in the year 2013 to 150 million in 2019.”

“Nearly two-thirds of consumers use coupons for more than half their shopping trips. The mobile coupon statistics demonstrates the surge and growth of mobile coupon users. A huge amount of gain has been witnessed seen years 2012-2014, along with ample gains projected for the years 2015-2016, revealing the popularity of redeemable digital coupons.”

When it comes to making use of coupon and offers, you can save a massive amount of money provided that you are well acquainted with all the significant steps involved in making their use while you are making purchases. Here are eight consequential steps that you need to follow:

MAKE USE OF ONLINE PROMO CODES: Undoubtedly, consumers these days love using coupon codes. They’re always looking out for ways to end their shopping with some savings in hand, hence coupons become an attraction. Though one should be aware of the fraudulent coupons that are circulating on the internet in large numbers. One obviously doesn’t want to get caught at the end of the checkout process for committing fraud by unintentionally using a fake coupon as the repercussions are simply not worth saving few pennies.

coupons codes

Online promo codes are usually easy to find if you are doing a quick search on Google.  

Despite young generation’s outwardly addiction of making use of coupons online via their Smartphone devices, they still value the justifiable qualities of a paper coupon and the trend may continue for many more years to come.

CASHBACK WEBSITES: Cash backs are incredible things to hit the Indian online market. Basically, cash back websites offer you a percentage of money from the purchases you make online. Cash backs can be simply used in combinations with the coupons and you can multiply your savings.

Cashback websites follow a really simple model. For instance, if you wish to buy something online, or sign up to buy a product, rather than going directly to the retailer, you just need to arrive at your preferred e-store’s page via a cashback site and earn money against every purchase.

Cashback Offers

Cash back sites simply drive traffic by giving the users some amount of money that they have paid against the purchase of a product. These sites often earn their money on per click basis, per transaction or on the base of an accepted applicant.

PICK AND CHOOSE: Once you’ve made a list and checked all the advertisements, the next step is to determine the best deals which are available on the net. You have to opt for the stores which have ample coupon shopping tips and feature the best deals.

Shop Online

Pick and choose the stores which have got the majority of the best deals on products which you need. A comparison between two stores must be avoided as it may lead to confusion.

START WITH TRUSTED WEBSITES: While there are many online retailers who are legitimate, there is a huge number of those who have a ‘scam’ on their mind. It is best to deal via trusted websites like, where you can shop without any hassle or tension of any risk or fraud.  

SELLER RATINGS ARE IMPERATIVE: Always make sure to check the seller ratings before you hit the buy button. Ideally, you should buy from the websites which have previously done a lot of transactions, for instance, more than 50 and the ones which have a rating of more than 90 % or at least have got 4 stars. A good rating certainly indicates that the seller is coherent and well organized and handling the business in a professional way

CHECK SOCIAL MEDIA: There are some small brands which do not show up on big coupons or major cash back sites, but they do offer discounts. You can go to twitter and Facebook accounts for posts with codes that are still prevalent.

It’s not mandatory to follow every company from which you are making purchases, but following smaller brands is usually beneficial so that you can grab as soon as they roll out a promo code and it starts showing their feed.

TAKE A BREAK: It is extremely difficult to arrive back from a particular shopping website and refrain yourself from hitting the checkout especially when you have filled all of your credit card details, but before hitting the purchase button, take a step back and let your items remain in the cart for a good period of days. The online stores constantly keep a tab on all your actions. If by any chance, you walk away from your cart, especially when it’s overflowing with the items, they will immediately send you an email with some special incentives, discount coupons and also some free shipping offers so that you return back and complete your purchase.

UNSUBSCRIBE: In order to prevent your inbox from being spammed or bombarded with unwanted shopping temptations, make sure to unsubscribe from a few companies which are marketing to you. It is good to be oblivious about what new stuff is on sale and what deals are available. Also, pay heed to set up a spate account for all the coupons, new deal, and sales notifications.

The Bottom Line: The number of users making online transactions has surged exponentially. Saving money has become the prime concern for most of the consumers in this competitive scenario. In today’s unpredictable economy there is not a single reason for not taking advantage of the huge range of discount coupons which can undoubtedly save you gigantic sums of money in the long run. With the above steps to strategic coupon shopping, you can transform your family finances every single time you shop with the coupons.

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