Best Online Shopping Tricks

The month has just started and our bank accounts are brimming. What is the one thing that comes into your mind right now?

Shopping, yes, it struck to all our minds. But in this weather, when the rain gods shower us with their blessing anytime, shopping can be a sticky and a dirty game. This is when online shopping satiates our demands for pure indulgence. Online shopping according to us is Godsend, to keep you busy in all those breaks that you get in this office. With keeping our vulnerability in mind, we have bought a few pointers that allow us to shop and yet save. Exciting, isn’t it ?

Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal and many others are dominating the Indian online shopping scene. Their amazing offers, coupons and deals rightly allow them to do so. They have changed and revolutionized the way a quintessential Indian consumer behaves. This is the very reason we have compiled a list of tips, tricks and hacks that will allow you to shop online and avail offers but at even more cheap rates.

Research Is Your New Best Friend

Researching thoroughly is bound to give you better deals whether you are shopping online or offline.To research till the depth for online shopping, we recommend you to use online comparison sites like Junglee. But because they are owned by online marketing giants, the results can be favored.

We would suggest you to go for browser extension like Makkhichoose. This portal works for both Firefox and Chrome. GoPaisa is a great portal that offers amazing coupons 365 days.

Cashback Portals Are Your New Savior

Many credit or debit cards offer cashback on certain transactions. But not every time are you lucky enough to avail those cahsback offers. Make cashback a habit rather than an option with GoPaisa. This portal offers cashback of 10% at an average in every transaction and this goes upto 100% too.

Check Out “Today’s Deals”

This is one page you’ll find on every online shopping portal. It contains all the commodities that are cheapest for the day plus have the maximum discount.  

Set Price Alerts

Don’t we get depressed when our favorite dress is not in our budget? Don’t you worry. All you need to do is download the price tracker. You will be notified about price dips accordingly.

We are sure with these tips we have motivated you to shop away, after all the first week of month is to be a spendthrift!!


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