Looks like your previous shopping experience on GoPaisa didn’t go as planned! Were you unclear about the cashback process? Did you face hiccups while claiming your cashback? Well, look no further!

To address all such queries, brings to you an informative series – the #GPCashbackGyaan! A series dipped with easy going statistics and the exact information you would need to ace the cashback procedure.

And to give you ample time to get accustomed to the processes, this entire month, we’ll be guiding you through the various processes through which a transaction goes before the cashback gets credited to your account.

Going forward, we will be featuring a new picto-sode a.k.a, a picto-graph which will clear the air about procedures for cashback followed at GoPaisa. This will be a short and crisp post and will help you get a grip on the website in a much better way.

All you need to do is follow us on our Facebook/Twitter handles to keep abreast of the picto-sode.

We’re also introducing a special Check Your Understanding section to ensure you’re clear with the process. What’s more! The first quickies get to win freebies worth Rs 100.

So without much ado, don your thinking hats on! And keep watching this space for more #GPCashbackGyaan!

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