A Minimalist’s Guide to Cashback Sites

Online Shopping

How Do Cash Back Sites Work?

Cashback sites are quite a simple idea whereby instead of directly going to a shop, you can easily access the retailer’s online store through a link from the cashback website. It is mostly paid in terms of percentage of the total price that you paid. If you wish to buy something online you can easily click to the company via a cashback that will generate monetary rewards while buying those products and services.

You can easily sign up to the cashback site, which is ideally free. You can simply login and then decide that from which retailer you intend to buy the products and services.

Cashback Offers

The process of shopping through cashback sites is incredibly easy and simple. When you’re shopping online, or buy a particular product or service you need to simply go to the cashback site, search for the retailer you want to shop at, click on the cashback site’s link to the retailer which you have already chosen, then keep shopping.

Basically, when you are making some purchases, a particular amount is put into your cashback site account once the transaction is processed. You can then use it after it credits into your cashback account, which can take up to 24 to 48 hours.

There are few great cashback websites like that must be given a try!

Why Do They Pay Out?

There are few cash back sites which charge fees from their users, but most of them make money in the form of commission by the retailers for the amount of leads which are generated. Cash back sites usually make use of commercial payments from one website to another. Some affiliate links are used, by which retailers can keep a tab on the sources of traffic generation and then eventually pay the cash back sites for leads.

Many websites opt for some conventional methods of advertising or putting up some unique and enriching content into their website for their promotion. If a consumer makes a purchase of something then the retailer pays the commission.

The amount of money depends on the spending, and they may vary widely. The cash back site may make money per click, per transaction, or via application.

The technology is simple. Ready-made paying links are available from ‘links warehouses’. There is majority of consumers who want to get the cost back whenever they are buying something, but only about one-fourth actually use the cash back sites to make their entire online purchases.

The 6 Key Cashback Safety Rules Not to Overlook!

Online Shopping

While cash back sites can help users generate thousands in a year, it’s very important to comprehend the risks involved in using these sites – and one should have a better understanding of them before instigating the process.

1.Think of cashback as a bonus only – it’s not guaranteed

There are many problems which you might encounter while using cashback websites. There will be many times where you will expect to be paid but you won’t be paid. In the case of such obstacles, you can contact the cashback site which can make you familiar with the top paying sites. Cashback sites usually get money from the retailers or the product providers.

There are certain websites which don’t receive the cash, due to the occurrence of frequent disputes. Hence, the best approach is to consider your cashback as a bonus because you have fewer risks. That is because you get cashback from the retailers having specified terms and conditions.

2.The cashback isn’t yours until it’s in your bank account

Always remember the cashback is never guaranteed until and unless it in your account and this process can take sone time, so never count the cashback until it’s in your bank account. Cashback sites are quite easy to set up but there are certain small companies which can go bust and protection would be very less if this happens.

3.Keep on accumulating money in cashback site.

There are many cash back sites which set a threshold which you must reach before you can re-use the cash. The best practice is to use it for your next purchase as soon as you reach that level.

For utmost joy accumulate money in your cashback account, and use it once it reaches a sizeable chunk. The cashback accumulated with us never expires, hence many of our users have accumulated cashback to go on holidays or buy their dream phones. One of our shopper MrBasu who works at a pharma company,  when he moved to a new home, he bought everything via and in process accumulated over Rs.80000 in his account. He used this money to go on a holiday to Goa with his wife.

4.Focus on the cheapest deal, not the biggest cashback

It’s easy to be allured by Rs.50 cashback for signing up for insurance or an extra percentage of discounts while shopping. Yet never let the cashback take control of the entire thing. Not because of the warnings but simply because it may not be that cheap for you.

This is especially important for bigger transactions, where the cost of making a mistake can dominate the amount of cash which is received.

5.Consider clearing your browser cookies

Make sure you accept the cookies which are enabled. Where they are no cookies there won’t be any credit. The Cash back sites track your visits by throwing cookies onto your computer. Furthermore, there are comparison sites which use cookies, or eventhe ads you click on facebook google or even your favorite newssites drops some form of cookies.

While making purchases, make sure that you click through the cashback sites rather than from any other source.

Leading cashback sites use these cookies to track the transactions which their users make to award them cashback. Our suggestion is either clear the cookies or browse in incongito or in-private mode in browser of your choice. While not foolproof this helps in tracking transactions almost 99% of the times.

6.Avoid using outside coupons

Wherever possible, avoid the use of outside coupons, as your rebate may become null and void in this case. The offers which are listed on the cashback site certainly shouldn’t interfere with your rebate. There will be certain coupons which you might find on the net which is exclusively associated with their affiliate partners. There will be many occasions when the coupon is going to be far better than the rate of the cash back, but try using both of them. However, you need to take a risk on the cash back. If the rate of the rebate offered is better than the coupon then hold on to the rebate to make a wise use of money and save extensively.

The Bottom Line: Cashback Shopping Is Worth the Effort

Cashback shopping is quite worthwhile because it allows the users to take immense advantage of certain affiliate marketing schemes and allows them to take the commission which they earn for sending countless customers to their platforms.  

You can earn more and more cash back by referring others and surfing number of varied products .To recapitulate, you have ample opportunities to earn more, which is surely worth a try!

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