Picto-sode 3 – The GoPaisa Cashback Credit Process

Previously on #GPCashbackGyaan, we discussed how to claim a missing cashback into your GoPaisa account. Moving on from that, we will now take you through an extremely important section that deals with how the cashback you’ve earned finally gets credited to your GoPaisa account. We call it – the GoPaisa Cashback Credit process.


Once you shop through GoPaisa, be rest assured that the cashback that you’ve earned stays absolutely safe with us. When and how it gets credited to your GoPaisa account is something that we’ll be guiding you through here. A little heads-up for your next online shopping session!

Here are the steps that go into the cashback credit:


Step 1 – At first, the transaction you performed on a partner merchant’s website gets traced back to your account with 96 hours of the transaction being performed (the catch here is, in case you don’t find the transaction in your account, it will be counted as a missing transaction, the tracing time for which would be communicated to you by the GoPaisa Support desk).

Step 2 – Once traced, you move one step closer to getting the cashback credited to your GoPaisa account. However, you would have to satisfy certain conditions, such as not returning the product within the product return period, canceling your order, replacing your order, etc. These activities will be monitored and by the end of the month, only those transaction that satisfy these pre-conditions are then forwarded to the merchant partner for a validation. (In case any of these conditions are not met, you automatically forfeit your cashback)


Step 3 – The final list of transactions performed by you reach the relevant merchant for a validation to check its genuineness. It is here that the merchant confirms whether there has been any issue with your order. If no issue is found, the confirmation by the merchant comes in swiftly.


Step 4 – Once that is done, the cashback gets credited back to your GoPaisa account for active use. Usually the entire process takes anywhere between 6 – 12 weeks to be completed which somewhat stems from the checks performed to validate your transaction. However, in most cases it is confirmed within 5 weeks.  


At GoPaisa our customers are always on priority. Therefore it is all the more important that we are able to educate them of the little nitty-gritties required to be followed to keep the sail smooth.


And hey! To cut it short, we’re always here to help you.


Till then! Stay tuned!

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