Picto-sode 4: How to Redeem Cashback from GoPaisa

Previously on #GPCashbackGyaan, we spoke of how cashback is credited into your GoPaisa accounts. The next and the last ladder to becoming a pro at #GPCashbackGyaan is by redeeming the cashback from your GoPaisa account.


So what do you do when you see a cashback credit to your GoPaisa account? You think of ways to use or redeem it, right! Well, that’s where GoPaisa scores high. Not only does it offer lucrative ways and means to use earned cashback, it also gives users other options as well. Let’s dig in a bit to understand the concept here.  


  1. It all starts when the cashback you earned while performing a transaction, gets credited to your GoPaisa account.
  2. This cashback will now be available to you for redemption. It can be performed in different ways which we have broadly categorized into two – Rewards and Cashback.
  3. Offerings in both Rewards and Cashback can be redeemed through different means. They can be converted to recharges, gift vouchers, or transferred to your Paytm or MobiKwik wallets.
  4. There’s a small catch here. Only Cashback can be transferred to your bank accounts. In order to do so, you need to have a minimum of Rs 250 as balance in your GoPaisa account for your first redemption and Rs 100 for subsequent transactions.

Well, that concludes our month-long customer connect series on how to maximise the potential of your cashback. We hope we were able to solve most of your common queries with #GPCashbackGyaan. Now that you’re adept at understanding the process, how about spreading the word amongst family and friends?


Remember, we’re always here to hear you out on [email protected].


Till then, stay tuned for we shall soon be back with bigger and better educative and interactive sessions soon.

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