Top 10 Flipkart Deals – Best Money Saving Deals!

Occasion or no occasion, one thing that has always been constant in everyone’s life is – Shopping! So this festive season, do not let the budget come in the way of your love for shopping. Bringing to you the best Flipkart deals for a merrier festive season.

Flipkart Fashion Sale

What do you have on your list? Shoes? Watch? Wallet? Flipkart is happily offering you all of these and many more at upto 80% Off! Get the top branded clothes, accessories and footwear at the most reasonable price. This fashion sale is sure to get your wardrobe a makeover. Fastrack Eyewear, Branded Makeup kits and brushes, everything is available at Flipkart Fashion Sale. All you need to do is to download the application and get the most out of it.

Bosch Home Tools and Accessories

Get your hands on the Bosch Hardware and Tools at upto 60% Off! Be it Professional Angle Grinder or Hand Tool Kit or the screwdriver set. Everything is available at the unbelievable prices on Flipkart’s official website. You can easily search through the hundreds of hardware tools and choose the best one for you. After all, it is always better to be prepared beforehand and be independent. These tools are easy to use and are conveniently carried outdoors. As a safe side, you can also check the ratings given to a specific tool by the other users.

Branded Sunglasses

The sun has never been a good friend during the scorching summers, but you can be prepared for that unexpected hour of excessive heat stroke. Keep a funky pair of branded sunglasses ready in your bag. Get yourself a branded pair of sunglasses that too under Rs. 299. Can’t believe your eyes? You read that just right. Flipkart is offering trending sunglasses at just Rs. 299 or below. Gansta, Agera, Abster are just a few brands to be mentioned. Don’t miss this super amazing deal and shop now!


Branded Handbags

Are classic handbags one of your obsessions? Does your wardrobe have more handbags than clothes? If the answers to these questions are yes then you have landed at the right place. Handbags and the love for handbags have been justified here by Flipkart. Bring home the classic handbags at the most reasonable prices only at Flipkart Sale. Choose your favorite candy from Diana, Baggit, Chemistry, Lavie, Van Heusen and tons of others at upto 40-80% Off!

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

Someone has said that you can’t hold the happy times forever that is why we have photographs. And if you are one of those keepers as well then Nikon D5300 is the thing for you. And the cherry on the cake is the free 16GB Card and even the bag. All of this at never-seen-before prices. Every occasion and trip demands perfect and memorable pictures and Nikon D5300 is going to be your perfect buddy for every travel of yours. Make this amazing box of memories yours at just Rs. 37,990.

Men’s Footwear

Flipkart Sale is bringing yet another reason to make your smile wider. Passion for footwear is well understood by Flipkart and the sale is just the icing on the cake. Buy a pair of this classic and super trendy men’s footwear at upto 60% Off! Get your absolute favorites from Flipkart Sale and add to your collection. Flipkart is offering some of the big shoe brands at upto 30-60% Off! From Nike to Reebok and Provogue to Puma, you will almost everything here at the most reasonable prices.

Bath Towels

We know bath towels don’t make a big deal and shopping for them is way too monotonous. But at the same time, you need to be 100% sure of the quality you are bringing home. Having a soft and bright towel can make the beginning of the day a little fresher. You won’t believe it but it’s actually true. Towels are the first thing you use early in the morning. The best part is you can have them under Rs. 599.

Branded Trimmer

We are sure you don’t want to spend your mornings’ cribbing about an old age trimmer. Get your perfectly trimmed shave with branded trimmer at upto 80%. Forget about all the efforts put in vain to get that best look on your face. Talk about the big and trusted names such as Philips, Syska, Nova, Panasonic and you got them all in one place – Flipkart Sale.

Branded Headphones

Headphones are generally used as the savior when you are bored or traveling or both. But who wants those local headphones which can ditch you at any time? And that’s why we have the perfect solution for you – Flipkart sale and the branded headphones’ section. Philips, Mi, Motorola, Skycandy, Sony and all the big brands put together in one place will only spoil you for choice. But then, more is always better. You can get these headphones at upto 65%.

Kitchen and Dining Solutions


Make your kitchen happening and exciting for your friends and family with Flipkart’s Kitchen and Dining Solutions. The colorful and the most durable kitchenware is all you need to have to top your cooking game. You can get them at Flipkart under Rs. 599.

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